Highly trained DC Gymnastics coaches start school work

DC Gymnastics started outreach work in Northumberland schools on Tuesday, November 13, with weekly sessions in Tweedmouth Community Middle School.

Tuesday, 13th November 2018, 10:34 am
Updated Tuesday, 13th November 2018, 10:44 am
Lizzie Foxton performing a double twist somersault

Additionally there are three other schools in the area, and one further south in the Alnwick area, seeking to develop programmes with staff from DC Gymnastics.

DC Gymnastics is actively working with these schools either to deliver Gymnastics in the schools, or at its superb Dedicated Gymnastics Centre in Berwick.

Since opening its centre in Berwick on February 1, 2016, DC Gymnastics has steadily increased its staff to four full time employees, supported by three volunteers.

The club's head coach, Debbie Couch

Two of the younger staff members Amy Skene amd Becki Couch, both in their early twenties, have developed their coaching careers via British Gymnastics programmes such as ‘Aspire to Shine’ and the British Gymnastics Apprenticeships scheme.

In addition, several of the staff and volunteers have been gymnasts themselves, previously Coached by head coach Debbie Couch, so the centre finds itself in the immensely positive position of having a very strong team of staff, which they have known since the age of six.

To have full time staff employed in the career of Gymnastics Coaches is superbly rewarding for the centre, and of course the Gymnasts they coach.

On November 25. two staff attend a Choreography Master Class in Birmingham with a globally recognised expert in this aspect of Women’s Artistic Gymnastics, and then in January 2019 staff travel to Lilleshall (the home of British Gymnastics) over two weekends for the National Tumbling Symposium and the National Women’s Artistic Symposium.

Coach Becki Couch

This is probably the strongest team of Gymnastics Coaches that has ever existed in this area, with DC Gymnastics having the resources to professionally coach gymnastics from grass routes through to a National Tumbling fifth place.

From Forward Roll through to flick and whip combinations culminating with straight back somersaults containing two full twist rotations during the somersault! Spectacular.

The centre has a weekly 30+ hour programme, and can readily supply professionally trained staff to deliver gymnastics in schools. If you wish to find out more about DC Gymnastics email [email protected] or visit their web site https://www.dcgymnastics.shop.