Graeme takes individual title

Lewis Craik from Gavinton  at the Volunteer Hall in Duns for the carpet bowls competition.
Lewis Craik from Gavinton at the Volunteer Hall in Duns for the carpet bowls competition.

FOULDEN’S Graeme Forsyth won the Berwickshire Carpet Bowling Association’s Individual Championship at Duns Volunteer Hall on Saturday, defeating his clubmate Roy Douglas in the final.

In the Ladies Championship the winner was Hutton’s Kay Purves, who defeated Coldingham’s Laura Brown in the final, while Lewis Craik from Langton emerged the victor in the Junior Championship, after he defeated Lamberton’s Crystal Young in the final.

The pairs title went to Coldingham duo D Wood and B Wood, who defeated Ayton’s D Young and R Blaikie in the final.

In Sunday’s Open Rinks, the winners were ‘Curly’, who defeated Capper 1 in the final.

Results from the quarter-finals of each event were as follows:

Under 18’s - L. Craik beat D. Kerr, M. Hay beat E. Douglas, St. Cockburn beat D. Strachan, C. Young beat G. Grindley.

Semi-finals - L. Craik beat M. Hay, C. Young beat St. Cockburn.

Final - L. Craik beat C. Young.

Ladies - S. Douglas beat M. Budge, L. Brown beat C. Young, D. Welsh beat M. Hay, K. Purves beat L. Douglas.

Semi-finals - L. Brown beat S. Douglas, K. Purves beat D. Welsh.

Final - K. Purves beat L. Brown.

Individual - D. Anderson beat K. Hay, Roy Douglas beat D. Gilchrist, B. Hedley beat K. Purves, G. Forsyth beat Sk. Jeffrey.

Semi-finals - Roy Douglas beat D. Anderson, G. Forsyth beat B. Hedley.

Final - G. Forsyth beat Roy Douglas.

Pairs - D. Wood beat D. Gilchrist, J. Craik beat T. Stebbing, D. Patterson beat C. Jeffrey, D. Young beat W. Scott.

Semi-finals - D. Wood beat J. Craik, D. Young beat D. Patterson.

Final - D. Wood and B. Wood beat D. Young and R. Blaikie.

Open Rinks - Ancrum 3 beat K Mercer, Curly beat Foulden 1, Lindean S beat Hutton 2, Capper 1 beat Hutton 1.

Semi-finals - Curly beat Ancrum 3, Capper 1 beat Lindean S.

Final - Curly beat Capper 1.

The Association would like to thank the following sponsors for their generosity: Colin McGregor, Lin Vo Chinese Takeaway, Golden Fish, Mr Fish, Coldingham Caravan Park, Ricky Amos, White Swan Hotel, Plough Inn, Border Embroideries and Ronnie Thomson Pianter and Decorator.

Last week’s league results:


GORDON ... 16

Westruther - Su. Russell, A. Russell, D. Donaldson, B. Mitchell 8; G. Donaldson, P. Donaldson, Sc. Russell, St. Russell 18.

Gordon - J. Sinton, N. Kellett, K. Robertson, K. Donaldson 9; F. Donaldson, G. McLarty, D. Anderson, D. Johnston 7.

Westruther won 2-1.



Robins Nest B - D. Strachan, M. Morrison, B. Hall, B. Strachan 9; R. Carruthers, K. Wallace, D. Donaldson, D. Hall 5.

Coldingham - K. Jeffrey, A. Jeffrey, D. Wood, B. Wood 16; D. Welsh, L. Brown, G. Welsh, S. Jeffrey 25.

Coldingham won 3-0.

HUTTON ... 25

AYTON ... 26

Hutton - J. Purves, T. Dougal, J. Pigg, D. Patterson 17; S. Douglas, K. Purves, D. Raeburn, D. Gilchrist 8.

Ayton - E. Douglas, R. Blaikie, T. Stebbing, D. Young 10; A. Blaikie, G. McLean, B. Blaikie, K. Blaikie 16.

Ayton won 2-1.


FOULDEN ... 21

Coldingham - A. Blair, A. Jeffrey, D. Wood, B. Wood 11; L. Welsh, L. Brown, G. Welsh, S. Jeffrey 9.

Foulden - J. Anderson, R. Dick, R. Douglas, G. Forsyth 9; L. Douglas, G. Campbell, J. Jackson, G. Douglas 12.

Foulden won 2-1.

LANGTON ... 21

FOULDEN ... 27

Langton - B. Cockburn, R. Amos, J. Craik, S. Blaikie 16; G. Duncan, L. Craik, I. Drummond, R. Douglas 6.

Foulden - J. Anderson, G. Scott, R. Douglas, G. Forsyth 12; L. Douglas, G. Campbell, J. Jackson, G. Douglas 15.

Foulden won 2-1.

Fixtures for week 18 (March 9) are as follows: Gordon have a free week, Hutton v Robins Nest A, Langton v Coldingham, Foulden v Robins Nest B, Ayton v Westruther.

Could all raffle ticket money please be handed back to L Brown before the Annual Dance. The Annual Dance is being held at Ayton Bowling Club on Saturday, March 26, tickets £5. For tickets contact D Welsh on 01361 884325. A committee meeting will be held on Sunday, March 13, at 7.30pm.

*AYTON Carpet Bowling Club held their annual open pairs on Sunday, February 20.

Twenty-nine pairs took part on the day, with Daniel Tait and Keir Blaikie from Ayton lifting the honours in the final. Ayton Carpet Bowling Club would like to express their thanks to David Kenny (painter and decorator – Foulden) for his kind sponsorship of the competition.

Results were as follows:

Semi-finals - Daniel Tait and Keir Blaikie beat John Craik and Kenny Whitecross; David Young and Chris Young beat Trevor Tait and Billy Blaikie.

Final - Daniel Tait and Keir Blaikie beat David Young and Chris Young.

Please note that the next competition at Ayton is the Open Triples which will be held on Saturday, March 12.

If anyone would like to enter can they please contact David Young on 07974 678249.