Wooler 1-0 Willington Quay Saints (Abandoned after 75 minutes)

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If ever a team were inappropriately named it was the visitors after this Minor Cup tie.

The scenes at the end of the match were an absolute disgrace with several of the so called ‘Saints’ completely out of control.

Willington started off playing some nice football, but Wooler defended well.

In the second half Wooler began to look the better team and the visitors resorted to foul play with a series of bookings for ‘professional fouls.’

This culminated in the 60th minute when Luke Strangeways was fouled and the referee awarded a penalty. After a lengthy stoppage whilst Willington argued with the referee, Strangeways stepped up to score.

The visitors started to lose their cool and with 15 minutes to go play was abandoned following an incident in the Willington goalmouth involving the goalkeeper.

As scuffles broke out several players had to be restrained. After things eventually calmed down the referee decided not to resume the match. Although it was not much of a spectacle praise must be given to the Wooler team, manager and coaches for their level-headedness in a potentially explosive situation.