Heriot Watt Univ 7-2 Eyemouth United

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This was surely one of the strangest games ever seen at Riccarton.

For three-quarters of the match, Watt had toiled, more in hope than in belief, to create proper chances against an Eyemouth side which had worked well to deny the home side a sight of goal and had taken its own opportunities to open up a two-goal lead.

Then, in the 69th minute, Sean Muhsin curled in a perfect free-kick and although United was still ahead, it was as if a switch had been flicked and the belief that a significant win could be achieved had drained away.

Half the Eyemouth team suddenly seemed to run out of legs and the others were powerless to close the gaps which opened up.

The team organisation which had worked so well up to that point deserted the Fishermen and the Watt players, growing in confidence as the energy sapped out of their opponents, found there was plenty of space in which to play.

Seven goals were scored in 17 minutes as the visitors were ruthlessly put to the sword.

It was impossible not to feel sympathy for United, who had given so much to the game and had seen such a promising position go so catastrophically wrong.

Eyemouth led at half-time through a goal from Sean Campbell, before Ross Wylie made it 0-2.

But then Heriot started their fightback!

Eyemouth: Mutch, Burrell, Wylie, McInnes, Speirs, Scott, Lauder, Wilson, Campbell, Tillbrook, Law.