Duns deal with pitch drainage problem

New Hawthorn Park has had drainage problems in recent weeks.
New Hawthorn Park has had drainage problems in recent weeks.
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Duns will be unable to play at home for the next few weeks after announcing that they are attempting to deal with a serious drainage problem at New Hawthorn Park.

According to a statement on the club website, home fixtures are likely to be disrupted in the “near future” while the pitch is completely drained.

Large volumes of surface water have accumulated in recent weeks, forcing the postponement of several games at their new home ground.

The club say they have informed the East of Scotland League of the problem and are asking other clubs for understanding and flexibility while the process of drainage and recovery takes place.

The statement said: “Following the laying of a new drainage system and playing pitch in the summer of 2013 the pitch has continued to develop well, but the advent of wet weather has led to large amounts of surface water not draining.

“The club has informed the league of this situation and would ask fellow clubs for their indulgence in any disruption this may cause in the fulfilment of fixtures at New Hawthorn Park in the near future.

“Everyone can be assured that Duns Football Club are doing all that is possible rectify this situation.”