Reduced admission for Rangers’ midweek games

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SATURDAY’S home game against Rangers will mark the start of a busy spell for Berwick which will see The Borderers play seven matches in 22 days.

“It is a run which will definitely shape our season,” admitted manager Ian Little, “and we have to try and take as many points as we can.”

“Thatnkfully the Tuesday games are all at home, but it will still be a very difficult period for us and the squad should be put to full use.”

In an effort to ease the financial burden on fans, Berwick have agreed to a spcial promotion whereby supporters can gain admittance to the three Tuesday games for only £20.

A spokesman for the club said: “We realise it is a lot to ask fans to pay for all these games in close succession, so we are offering what is effectively a three for two offer, which we hope will be taken up.”

Tickets can be obtained at the Club Shop at the next home game (v Rangers) or by sending a cheque and sae to Shielfield Park.