Rangers asked for Culter flare report

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Berwick, (along with Culter FC) has been asked to provide comments, following a report by the match referee (as duty bound) after a smoke device, flare or grenade, was thrown on to the Culter playing surface during the Scottish Cup tie on Saturday.

While it cannot be confirmed this was thrown by a Berwick supporter, indications are that it was from an area occupied by Berwick supporters at the game, albeit that area could have been occupied by anyone.

Chairman Brian Porteous said: “This could lead to serious consequences for the club who have been requested by the SFA Compliance Officer (as have Culter FC) to, in the first instance provide written comments, back to the SFA.

“We would stress that, as a club, should any fan be found guilty at any ground home or away in conduct such as the above, the club would be forced to take action.”