Edberg to become Bandits asset

BERWICK have decided to make Alex Edberg a permanent fixture at Shielfield.

The Swede was originally brought in as a temporary replacement for injured Czech Hynek Stichauer, who suffered a dislocated shoulder and has spent over two months on the side-lines.

But Edberg has impressed in his meetings so far, and according to the club it was ‘a no brainer’ to offer him a full-time contract.

Unfortunately, this means a parting of the ways for Stichauer, who is now ready to return to the saddle, but he has been snapped up by Premier League rivals Plymouth as a replacement for the injured Lee Smart and was due to make his debut for the Devils in the past week.

Edberg, who is 20, will eventually become a club asset at Berwick and promoter John Anderson said: “Alex was originally brought in as an ‘injury replacement’ for Hynek Stichauer.

“The plan was to make it a temporary position – but Alex has proved to be the stop-gap who just hasn’t stopped! I think the fans would want to lynch someone if we hadn’t tied him up on a long-term basis.

“Now that Hynek is fit again, we have had to make a very difficult choice – they are both good riders and fine young men, and in truth their potential scoring may well have proved to be about the same.

“But with Alex proving such an immediate hit with the fans, as well as being four years younger – and the fact of wee Hynek only being on loan to us – really made our decision a no-brainer.

“We have explained the situation to Hynek, and we are delighted that he has been immediately been snapped up by Plymouth, with our strong recommendation to the Devils of his qualities.

“One of the toughest parts of this job is making team changes, and it is always a relief to know when, if a rider has to move on, we are able to give him a ‘good reference’ which can help him get fixed up elsewhere.

“He goes with our very best wishes and sincere thanks – and of course we hope to see him at Shielfield Park again in the future with Plymouth – even if he’s trying to beat our guys to the flag!”

Another happy Bandit is new-boy Mitch Davey, who is still on a high after his career best paid 11 score against Ipswich last weekend.

The 21 year-old from North Queensland in Australia said:

“Paid for 11 points out of a maximum 12 – it felt so good!

“Everyone at Berwick has made me so welcome, and the team spirit is like nothing I’ve ever known – I’m just so happy to be here!”

Edberg, Davey and the rest of the Bandits will be action at Shuielfield again this Saturday when they take on Rye House in the Premier League.

And the Borderers will be looking for quick revenge after being blasted by the Rockets at Hoddesdon on Sunday,

There was no meeting at Shielfield on Saturday because of the British Grand Prix at Cardiff - won by American Greg Hancock - but the Bandits travelled to Hertfordshire in confident mood after a good home win over Ipswich the week before.

Unfortunately, on a hot and dry afternoon, they literally bit the dust as they went down to a 54-39 defeat.

Berwick promoter John Anderson said afterwards: “It was very tricky for our lads to get to grips, or in fact get any grip, on that dust bowl this afternoon, but having said that it was still a better performance down here than we usually achieve, so I congratulate them for that.

“It’s just a shame the match was a fairly mundane affair for the fans who came along to cheer us on.

“Hopefully we can redress the balance when we meet again at Shielfield this weekend.”