Duns need extra end to win Border League final

With the end-of-season Bonspiel taking place on Saturday, three sessions were needed to accommodate the throng of curlers wishing to compete.

Frank Forrest skipped the winning Duns rink in the final session, and this was followed by the prizegiving, and then an excellent stovie supper, a most rewarding raffle and then general merriment, all overseen by BIRC President Harry Dodds in his own inimitable fashion, aided and abetted by Ladies President Marion Pate.

In the Page playdowns for the Border League final Earlston and Coldstream were eliminated, thus leaving the final to be between Duns and Yester, so on Tuesday evening, as is the form, the primary schools finals took place just ahead of the big finals, with a certain time overlap, so the clubroom was well filled with parents, teachers and other supporters.

Morebattle won the Radio Tweed Cup and Channelkirk as runners-up received the Colin McLean Shield, Longridge Towers and Edenside following on.

The ladies final and the league final were two of the best seen in quite a long time, both going to the last stone, the Border League needing an extra end.

Duns won the Border League and Marion Pate won the ladies final. Commiserations to the losers but thanks to all players for serving up two great games, witnessed by spectators from Northumberland to the south, Eyemouth to the east, Gala and Selkirk to the west, and Shetland to the north!

Great news on the night is that Masstock is going to sponsor the Border League next season. It’s not often that Bill Cleghorn is found almost speechless, but the announcement that he had won the Iced Diamond award for services to the sport found him in a mild state of shock. Bill is a director, he is province secretary, he oversees the website, amongst other things, and is quite a good curler into the bargain – well done Cleggy!

June Swan skipped the winning rink in the Stewart Salver, managing to sort of control Luigi Massari right through the competition. So endeth this season’s lesson, with no further stones to be thrown for the next six months.