Borders miss out

ON Saturday the Borders was involved in what was a very important match in the Hamilton Trophy series. This was the sixth of seven matches in the series and a win against West Fife could have seen the Borders seal a place in the quarter finals.

Once again the weather was far from pleasant as the players travelled to Abbeyview in Dunfermline. On reaching the venue however the rain had largely subsided and play was able to start on time.

It was West Fife that made the better start - with five ends completed they led by 20 shots, and during the next five ends there was little sign of any major Borders recovery with West Fife playing very well, taking full advantage of playing at home. By ten ends the lead for West Fife had increased to a dangerous 32 shots, making the chances of a Borders recovery increasingly remote.

To their credit the Border players did not give up but they were unable to make much impression on the deficit, and victory for West Fife meant that they were the ones to qualify for the quarter finals.

Only one Border rink ended with a win and once again it was Reece Taylor (Wilton), Leighton Henderson (Gordon), Stuart Bebbington (Tweedmouth) and Alan Brady (Wilton).

The final game on Saturday, June 25 is against East Lothian at Ayton and the Borders have resisted thoughts of making any changes other than to cover for two players unable to play in this last match.

On Monday, June 27 action for the Borders moves on to the Matt Purdie competition for seniors. The warm up game is at Kelso and any seniors wishing to be given consideration should contact Rob Fulton on 01896 754682 or Jim Cumming on 01289 306853. The first actual match will be on Monday, July 4, it being the first of six matches - three at home and three away. The Borders after a slow start did very well last year and will hope to do even better this time.