Berwickshire athletes break Borders records

Berwickshire High School travelled to Tweedbank to participate in the Border Schools Athletics Championships.

By The Newsroom
Monday, 27th June 2016, 3:37 pm
Updated Monday, 27th June 2016, 4:43 pm

A squad of 56 students were selected to compete in various track and field events against fellow students from other Border Schools. BHS athletes performed well and came away with no less than 32 placed results and three Border Schools records.

A total of 17 records were broken on the day, three of which came from BHS female javelin throwers who broke the S2, S3 and Senior Girls records.

Caitlin Black broke L. McRirrick’s (Kelso) record set in 2008 while Keira Waddell beat L. Murray’s (Kelso) set last year. Ali Vallance took the senior record which former Berwickshire student Kerys Law’s set in 2011.

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Students finishing first, second or third were:

S1 - Finlay Hamilton, discus (3rd); Archie Fuller, high jump (1st); Nel Moore, javelin (3rd); Erin Moran, high jump (1st) and long jump (1st); Tammie-Louise Hunter, 200m (2nd), 800m (2nd) and discus (1st); S1 girls relay team, Tammie-Louise Hunter, Erin Moran, Isla Taylor/ Eilish Dodd and Ailsa Dewar (2nd).

S2 - Robbie Paulin, 100m (3rd), 200m (3rd) and long jump (2nd); Fergus Murray, javelin (1st) and discus (3rd); Rory Williams, 400m (2nd) and 800m (2nd); Rachel Spark, discus (1st); Caitlin Black, shot putt (1st) and javelin (1st NR); S2 boys relay team, Robbie Paulin, Rory Williams, George Rooke and Niall Brown (2nd).

S3 - Joey Barrett-Brown, long jump (2nd); Keira Waddell, javelin (1st NR); Eilidh Archibald, long jump (2nd); S3 girls relay team, Eilidh Archibald, Keira Waddell, Jennifer Millar and Charlie Birkett (3rd).

Seniors - Callum Chamberlain, discus (3rd); Ali Vallance, javelin (1st NR); Rosie Browne, 300m (3rd); Ande Moore, long jump (3rd); Ellenor Gracey, shot putt (3rd); Katie Browne, 100m (2nd) and 200m (2nd); Senior girls relay team, Katie Browne, Rosie Browne, Ali Vallance and Ellenor Gracey (2nd).

BHS finished third in the relay competition and fourth overall.

The day was a great success, highlighting the talent, resilience and determination amongst this group of individuals. Well done to all who participated.

As the schools athletics season draws to a close, two BHS senior students are about to embark on another athletics adventure. Rosie Browne (S5) and Ali Vallance (S6) have been selected to represent Scotland at The International Track and Field on the weekend of July 15-17. Rosie and Ali will respectively compete in pole vault and javelin at Ashford Stadium, Kent, against the best from England, Ireland and Wales.

A massive achievement for both BHS girls, well done and good luck to you both!