Beltane bonus for flying Fifer Jack Beattie

TWENTY EIGHT years after winning the Youths’ Sprint at Haylodge Park Fifer Jack Beattie returned to take the senior title at the Peebles Beltane Sports.

By Fiona Scott
Tuesday, 24th June 2014, 8:41 am
Beltane Sprint winner Jack Beattie
Beltane Sprint winner Jack Beattie

Competing from a mark of 15.5 metres, Beattie booked himself a place in the final of the event with a heat win in 11.69 seconds, which was followed by a cross tie triumph in 11.52 seconds.

Facing fellow Fifer Billy Martin of Glenrothes (9m), Charlie Carstairs, Lasswade (6m), Craig Bruce, Selkirk (10m) and Edinburgh pair Tom Holligan (scratch) and Graeme Armstrong (17.5m) in the final, Beattie knew he had a real battle on his hands.

It was a battle he was to however win.

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In what turned out to be a thrilling race, Beattie gained a dramatic photo finish victory when edging out recent Selkirk Games sprint winner Holligan by a hairsbreadth.

Holligan emerged second and Bruce third.

A time of 11.58 seconds was recorded.

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YOUTHS’ 90M CONFINED: 1, S. Turnbull (Peebles) 20m; 2, R. Houten (Cardrona) 5.5m; 3, N. Turnbull (Peebles) 18.5m. Winning time: 9.96 seconds.

800M OPEN: 1, C. McWilliams (Giffnock North) 40m; 2, K. Stevens (Moorfoot) 65m; 3, A. Thompson (Jed AC) 65m. 1 minute 54.09 seconds.

110M OPEN: 1, J. Beattie (Rosyth) 15.5m; 2, T. Holligan (Edinburgh) Scr; 3, C. Bruce (Selkirk) 10m. 11.58 seconds.

YOUTHS’ B 90M: 1, D. Lockie (TLJT) 22.5m; 2, K. Womack (Lilliesleaf) 24m; 3, E. McKean (Hawick) 26m. 9.81 seconds.

YOUTHS’ A 90M: 1, G. Goodfellow (TLJT) 18.5m; 2, N. Campbell (Hawick) 17m; 3, R. McKean (Hawick) 14. 9.70 seconds.

1600M OPEN: 1, K. Redpath (East Kilbride) 380m; 2, G. Law (Hawick) 400m; 3, K. Stevens (Moorfoot) 160m. 4 minutes 22.20 seconds.

YOUTHS’ 1600M: 1, M. Smith (Leithenburn) 385m; 2, M. Elliot (Jed AC) 500m; 3, T. Otton (Gala Harriers) 125m. 4 minutes 21.24 seconds.

LAP RACE OPEN: 1, E. Pettigrew (Jed AC) 23m; 2, L. Ali (Hawick) 28m; 3, G. Turnbull (TLJT) 12m. 29.80 seconds.

YOUTHS’ B LAP RACE: 1, C. Clare (Moorfoot) 66m; 2, C. Mackenzie (Berwick) 40m; 3, J. Abbot (Kelso) 37m. 30.78 seconds.

YOUTHS’ A LAP RACE: 1, C. Fisher (Jed AC) 28m; 2, G. Goodfellow (TLJT) 25m; 3, C. McNaughton (Annan) 25m. 31.64 seconds.

3200M OPEN: 1, C. Rendle (Innerleithen) 200m; 2, J. Thomson (Glenrothes) 205m; 3, K. Murray (Hawick) 360m. 10 minutes 11.50 seconds.