Zoe tickles the taste buds with her menu

Zoe Burns
Zoe Burns

Two pupils from Eyemouth High school represented the school in the Rotary Club’s Young Master Chef challenge last week, with coming within a whisker of victory.

The two promising third year chefs, Zoe Burns and Terri Windram, headed to Preston Lodge in Prestonpans, after impressing in their home economics class, Terri winning the ‘design a wrap’ competition and Zoe displaying great culinary talent.

Ms. Beddie, home economics teacher, gave the two girls extra tuition to ensure that they had impressive menus.

The rules of the competition saw the girls having 30 minutes to complete all the preparation work needed for their dish as well as set their tables.

Following on from this, they each had 90 minutes to prepare a two course meal.

Zoe wowed the judges with her chosen two courses- paprika baked sea bass with chorizo and lemon and thyme and a pineapple meringue and reflecting on the experience she said: “I was quite nervous before we started cooking because I didn’t know what to expect but when I started cooking I felt better.”

Terri tantalised the judges’ taste buds with fettuccini with chicken and garlic bread and a white chocolate and lime cheesecake.

Mrs Black of the pastoral team at the school had the privilege of tasting the girls’ menus and commented: “Terri’s white chocolate and lime cheesecake was heaven in a bowl and Zoe’s sea bass was a taste sensation.”

Zoe’s menu as well as her presentation secured her a second place finish behind a girl from Preston Lodge.

Mrs Black and everyone at Eyemouth High school are so proud of both girls and what they have achieved.

When asked about how this competition has changed the way they think about food Zoe said: “I’m going to try and cook more at home and make new things. I also want to try new foods as this will all help my cooking.”

For Terri, she hopes for a career in the food industry: “I would love to make a career out of it. I enjoy baking the most and thought this competition was great. I really enjoyed it.”