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Emma Renton snapped Tia the cocker spaniel enjoying the the view in cropped fields near Duns on a beautiful autumn day.
Emma Renton snapped Tia the cocker spaniel enjoying the the view in cropped fields near Duns on a beautiful autumn day.

Emma Renton snapped cocker spaniel Tia enjoying the view in harvested fields near Duns on a beautiful autumn day.



Disgusted by couple’s actions

May I, through the courtesy of your newspaper, express my disgust at the actions of two members of the Eyemouth Community Council towards members of my Guide and Brownie units.

During the summer the girls took part in the Town Tidy campaign, clearing litter and rubbish around the town and producing posters urging people to take their litter home or dispose of it in a rubbish bin.

These posters were laminated and put up around the town. The girls also had two planters which they planted and tended.

The girls were extremely upset when they found their work had been vandalised, the posters having been torn down and cut up or torn to pieces.

Local shops had agreed to display posters, so there was no question of random fly-posting and the posters were fastened up with strong double-sided tape which is normally used for fixing temporary traffic signs on existing signs.

It was evident from those posters which had been torn up that this was not the work of youngsters, laminating making it almost impossible to tear a poster so treated and requiring adult strength to do so.

Community councillors are supposed to have the good of the community as their primary reason for being on the community council in the first place, but in the case of the persons concerned that does not appear to be so.

It cannot be reasonably said that they are representing the people of Eyemouth when they wantonly destroy posters aimed at making the community, which they allege to represent, a tidier and more pleasant place to live in.

I would suggest that the two persons concerned publicly state their reasons for acting in the way they did and why they should remain as members of the Eyemouth Community Council, preferably in the ‘Berwickshire News’ for all to read.

I do not believe that the other members of the community council would find this behaviour to meet the high standards which are demanded of community councillors.

I am sure that there are many people in the town who would be better at representing the community and would only be too glad to see efforts being made to improve the image of the town.

Janette McCulloch

(Guider in Charge)

Eyemouth Guides and



Just who is the ‘Nasty Party’

When the current Prime Minister has referred to her own party as the ‘Nasty Party’, I had to laugh when I read that the SNP party was being called the nasty and xenophobic one.

Let’s examine the evidence and remind ourselves what the previous and current governments have gifted to our Great Britain. They created austerity which has failed to solve Britain’s financial problems because the fiscal deficit is now bigger than that of all Labour governments combined; Are custodians of a plummeting Pound; Introduced the iniquitous Bedroom Tax; Have assessed thousands of people as ‘Fit for Work’ who then died; Removed cars from disabled people making them housebound; Held a Brexit referendum to heal a split party – failed; Promoted xenophobia so morons could abuse anyone looking foreign; Increased university fees to £9,000; Have overseen a massive increase of Food Bank use; Are privatising the NHS; Have given tax cuts to the already wealthy; Indulge the parasites who avoid or evade their due taxes.

Now how does the “nasty” and “xenophobic” SNP government emerge from this exercise?

Well, they created a Welfare Fund to help desperate people survive; Have balanced the books every year; Protected vulnerable people from the Bedroom Tax; Helped claimants suffering late benefits payments and sanctions; Are doing everything possible to retain Scotland’s European market; Assured all foreigners in Scotland that they are welcome; Freed university students from fees; Are doing all in their power to protect the NHS; Made prescriptions free for everyone; Are keeping bus travel for pensioners free; Retained free care for the elderly.

I leave you to decide which is the ‘Nasty Party’.

Richard Walthew

Whitsome Crofts



Nicola Sturgeon clearly revels in her role as she strides the stage in pursuit of her dream – to break up the United Kingdom and deliver a critical blow to the English and Westminster.

Since Brexit the First Minister feels she must join the EU since the two issues are inextricably linked. One cannot have one without the other.

As she strives to achieve this, the people of Scotland must begin to realise that if she does succeed, she could condemn this nation to a very dark place indeed. This seems not to trouble her, since she has stated that independence transcends all – the economy etc.

For its survival as a political force, the SNP must achieve both.

Hence she does not discuss the ever-worsening state of the Scottish economy for good reason. She has no figures re the total cost of independence.

Scotland has little chance of gaining entry into the EU after Brexit for reasons well documented – i.e. vetoes and economic standing etc.

But still, all talk is of separation and the EU. Can the nationalists somehow broker entry and go for broke for independence?

Will we be told the truth by the SNP as to its position, or will the people of Scotland be deceived? Deception is no stranger to the SNP. We had the promised oil boom to make Scotland one of the richest nations in the world. The British pound for Scotland was another.

Until now nationalists have never been questioned on any serious matters, but we are seeing this change. Now that the cracks are appearing, expect further vitriol from the SNP as it faces its foes.

The SNP’s fall-back is always to blame and attack others, and to drive independence to placate their avid followers. Letters to this column are showing that growing numbers are not seduced by the SNP’s rhetoric.

However, the whole of Scotland must awaken to the obvious peril of being out of the UK and the EU, with no chance of a return to the status quo. Even with Indy and in the EU, life could be very difficult for Scotland, depending on the terms of entry.

Only a massive vote/stance to remain in the UK will halt them. If not, the nationalists could take the Scottish people to a very dangerous position indeed.

J.E. Payne




Nominations are sought

The EBDA Award, one of the oldest community awards in the Borders and north Northumberland, which celebrates its 40th anniversary this year, recognises innovation, skill and enterprise in the area in which the old Eastern Borders Development Association was so effective in promoting regeneration in the 1960s and 1970s.

The 2015 Award was made to Greenvale AP but the shortlists and Award winners in recent years have included other local businesses, community groups, voluntary organisations and individuals.

Nominations are invited from organisations and individuals in the Award area, for the 2016 Award.

It will be made to a person or an organisation who, or which, through skill or effort, has made an outstanding contribution in social, economic or environmental fields in the 12 months up to November 30, 2016.

Further details of the Award and nomination forms may be obtained from me on 01289 382541 or from the EBDA website at

The closing date for nominations is December 7.

Edward Cawthorn

(Hon Secretary, EBDA)


Annual veterans’ dinner planned

The annual KOSB Association Cruickshank Dinner will take place on Friday, November 18, in the Buccleuch Arms Hotel, St Boswells, at 7pm for 7.30pm. Regimental ties should be worn.

This is an All Ranks Dinner and is a male only event. All serving and former Borderers, Regular, TA and ACF, are welcome to attend, as are male guests.

The cost of the evening is £18 and this should be paid before the event.

If you have not already received a letter, please call the Association Secretary on 01289 331811, to give your name and address, so that the letter can be sent.

Bill Heaney



Stars in Their Eyes at Duns

The fundraising committee for The Berwickshire High School Tanzania 2017 trip would like to thank the following people who helped organise the very successful Stars In Their Eyes event on Saturday, October 29, at which over £750 was raised to help in our efforts:

Lynn Gray the chief cook and bottle washer for the night (she also performed as Karen Carpenter!);

Ashleigh Wright who won the event in her role as Amy Winehouse;

Rebekah Herbert and Rachel Gray as Mariah Carey and Whitney Houston;

Dougal Affleck as Richard Marx and Katy Williamson as Nancy Sinatra and not forgetting the ‘Tanzania Kids’ who performed an unforgettable medley of Grease songs!

Thanks also go to Peter Lerpiniere who compered the show as Matthew Kelly and DC who kept the show on the right lines masterminding the sound and lights.

Thanks to Duns Opera (DDAOS) who kindly sponsored the cost of the hall hire.

Final thanks of course to the audience for being a great crowd in supporting the fundraising.

Upcoming fundraising events include a Coffee Morning in Chirnside on Saturday, November 12, Wine Tasting in Whitsome on Friday, November 18, Christmas Flower Arranging Demonstration in Duns on Friday, December 2.

Emma Taylor


Help would be just the ticket

I am writing a book on the history of the Eyemouth to Burnmouth branch railway.

I am trying to borrow rail tickets issued at Burnmouth or Eyemouth (or at other stations for travel to Burnmouth or Eyemouth) which could be scanned and used as illustrations in the book. The tickets would then, of course, be returned to the owner.

If anyone has such tickets I would be very grateful if they could get in touch with me via my email address or by telephone.

Roger Jermy

(; 01665 606168)


Support pooled together for me

May I say a massive thank you to all of those people who were good enough to sponsor and encourage me on the recent swim I did.

The support I received from so many sources has been overwhelming, as reflected by the total raised. In the end, I managed 34 lengths of Eyemouth swimming pool – 850 metres, or just over half a mile.

As well as all of those individuals who sponsored me, I would like to thank Eyemouth swimming pool and Eyemouth Pharmacy for displaying my sponsorship form for people to use and collecting the money. Also to Berwickshire RDA Riding School for doing the same and to Coldstream and Eyemouth bowling clubs for circulating my form during competitions at their greens.

Thanks also to the staff at Eyemouth swimming pool for giving me a lane to do the swim and their encouragement from poolside and to my wife, Brenda, for lane counting.

As a result of the generosity of so many, I have been able to hand a cheque over to the Berwickshire group of Riding for the Disabled for a staggering £925.

Neil McMurdo

St Clairs


Young footballers are grateful

Duns Junior Football Club would like to thank all those who joined us at our coffee and scone morning on Saturday.

Thanks to everyone who baked, donated and helped. A fantastic amount of £481.26 was raised.

Elaine Baxter

Duns Juniors FC


Kind ways to keep visitors at bay

As winter approaches, wild animals are more likely to seek warmth and shelter inside our homes.

Some of these, such as rats and mice, are often viewed as unwelcome visitors. But try to remember that these animals are just as sensitive and liable to suffer as the cats and dogs with whom we choose to share our homes. These unwelcome guests should be humanely deterred from visiting – not subjected to the appalling cruelty of traps and poisons.

Animal Aid provides free information on how to deal with this. To order our free Humane Deterrence factsheets, email or telephone 01732 364546.

Isobel Hutchinson


Animal Aid