Wind turbine application not popular

SIR, - With reference to the article on page 10 of The Berwickshire News (Thursday, May 3) regarding wind turbine applications, particularly the re-submission for a wind turbine on Fellowhills Farm, Ladykirk ( 12/00482/ful).

The applicant, Ian Martin, is correct to say that the proposed wind turbine “is not popular amongst the local community.”

There were many objections from both official organisations and private individuals when the first application was submitted (ref. no. 11/01476/ful).

It is wrong to state that it would be screened from Ladykirk Church. It would still dominate the landscape from The Church where we have many visitors as it is a Grade 1 Listed Ancient Monument.

The height has been reduced but since the proposed site would be further up the slope it would still dominate the landscape in exactly the same way as in the first application. These are two of the many incorrect statements, maps and photo montages in the re-application. It is notable that the re-submission contains the arrogant and selfish statement that the wind turbine would not be seen from Norham where the applicant lives.

If Mr Martin feels he needs a wind turbine to make his large farming business viable, I suggest that he sites the monstrosity on his many acres of land in and around Norham so that it would be near to, and be seen by, him, his family, his friends and his neighbours and not dump it on the residents of Berwickshire.


New Horndean Farm.