Very effective team

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SIR, - Most people north of the Border now know that the only political party working exclusively for their wellbeing is the Scottish National Party.

It is widely acknowledged that the SNP Executive team at Holyrood is the most effective legislature since the Scottish Parliament reformed.

The ambition of candidates for all the other parties is to be elected to Westminster. Even Berwickshire’s representative in the Scottish Parliament, John Lamont, has demonstrated his desire to join the London club. Consequently all the brightest Scottish stars in the Labour, Liberal and Conservative parties are down there, leaving a paucity of talent within their parties at Holyrood – and it shows.

Not until Scotland is once again an independent nation will political parties emerge, of both left and right, which could challenge the SNP with policies designed to benefit Scotland’s people without deference to party leaders in London.

I know Berwickshire is a Conservative supporting county, but in vain! There will never be a Conservative government in Edinburgh so long as Scotland is part of the Union. With independence a Scottish party of the right will be formed which could be supported not just in Berwickshire but by voters all over Scotland.


Whitsome Crofts,