Time for the SPFA to get tough

Sir, - Regarding the letter last week from Mr Tait (Football clubs, not referees are at fault).

It seems that more “wrong” refereeing decisions are being made not only because of the post match analysis and multi-camera coverage of controversial incidents, but as a result of players trying to cheat and con the referee.

Perhaps if so-called professional footballers stopped diving at every opportunity, sticking their heads into other players faces and feigning injury, the number of decisions which referees got wrong would be drastically reduced.

Throughout the recent furore, the voice of the Scottish Professional Footballers Association has remained strangely silent. Considering that they are in fact a “union”, it is amazing that there are repeated instances of one union member trying to deprive another of some of his earnings and livelihood by conning referees in order to get a fellow member either booked or sent off.

Perhaps it is time for the chairman of the SPFA, Fraser Wishart, to get tough on his members rather than whingeing that the SFA are threatening to do it.

There is one law in rugby union which football should consider adopting, (bearing in mind that rugby players have more respect for officialdom than footballers......that’s not taking the moral high ground, that’s a fact), and that is that any talking back to a rugby referee and the player is marched back ten metres.

Which only serves to remind me of the former chairman of the SPFA Tony Higgins who said back in the 1980’s that had the ten metre rule been introduced into football, the former Aberdeen defender Willie Miller would have played most of his career in Norway!

I have just realised something in writing this email. I am actually agreeing with Gerald Tait.

I must be going soft.


30 Halliburton Place,