Think local vote local at council elections

SIR, - Lorne Anton’s rant against the Borders Party and their consistent opposition to the ‘Wee tram to Gala’ is a timely reminder of two things.

Firstly that there is nothing more galling than national politicians meddling in things they do not understand. The case for the railway has been proven time and time again to be flawed and a waste of time and money. The economics are laughable and the cost that have largely been ignored will turn out to be a mistake of Titanic proportions; one that makes the relative overspend on the Edinburgh trams seem like chicken feed.

It also reminds us that, in these cynical times, there is one political party that says what it thinks, stands up for common sense, and has the integrity to voice what the sensible Borders majority thinks about political vanity projects such as the railway: the Borders Party. The national parties that have representatives on our local councils by definition have to tow the party line. The Borders Party has to tow no line other than what is good for the Borders; they can think from grassroots up, not the top down.

All of us know more about our little patch of the planet, the one where we live, than what’s going on in the world at large – even with 24-hour rolling news. That’s why thinking local and acting local is so important. If we don’t know about the issues that affect our local area then who does - someone at Holyrood, Westminster, or Brussels?

Whatever happens don’t waste a vote on May 3 by not voting. If you do not vote will you be able to look others in the eye over the coming years and say – don’t blame me I didn’t vote? One vote can make a difference.

A vote for the Borders party is a vote for the Borders – not Holyrood, London or Brussels.


Whitchester Lodge,