Sea needs to be treated with caution

sir, - The Royal Observer Corps may have been disbanded and many of the former members live happily with their memories.

Today, a few of those who served have found that despite their best plans times are difficult.

For these few there is the safety net of the Benevolent Fund to fall back on - if only they knew how to make contact.

Helping to restore the social element into someone’s life with reduced mobility is just one of the ways that the ROCBF can help to relieve hardship, need or distress for their former members.

The ROC was stood down from its duties in 1995 afte providing volunteers that served the nation for 70 years in war and peacetime.

The ROCBF continues to serve those who once served.

Are you a former Observer of a dependent or do you know someone in need who is?

You can contact the Royal Observer Corps Benevolent Fund by writing to The Secretary, 120 Perry Hall Road, Orpington, Kent BR6 0EF or email


Deputy chairman and secretary,

Royal Observer Corps,

Benevolent Fund.