MSP’s support for resilient communities

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Following the story in the Berwickshire News on May 23, 2013, of an electricity pole catching fire resulting in residents in Burnmouth being left without power for 14 hours, I would like to express my wholehearted agreement with the secretary of the community council, Lynne Craighead, that a Resilient Communities Plan (RCP) could be the way forward for the area.

I recently welcomed pupils from Eyemouth High School along with Eyemouth Town Community Councillors and representatives from Scottish Borders Council emergency planning department to the Scottish Parliament to give them the opportunity to present the work they have been doing to get young people involved in their Resilient Communities Plan.

Not only was I extremely impressed by the young people’s dedication and commitment to the project but I was also highly reassured by the excellent leadership SBC emergency planning officer, Jim Fraser, has shown in guiding communities across the Borders with their own plans.

Having seen the plans in other areas, such as Reston and St Abbs, and knowing there are only a small number of community councils within the Scottish Borders region still to get on board with this I would seriously encourage the community of Burnmouth to reconsider their position and lend their support for such an

initiative. As Ms Craighead points out every village has different situations to deal with and having each unique community involved in the Resilient Communities Plan provides a fantastic opportunity to have a localised plan for the village that reflects the needs of the community.

While we may not wish to consider such emergency situations happening to us and our villages, it is often not until after such events that we realise that making such preparations could be enormously beneficial.

I can’t express strongly enough how useful having a Resilient Communities Plan would be for Burnmouth, not least because of the risks posed by high spring tides and I hope residents appreciate the apparent will of the community council for introducing such an initiative and add can their support.