Letters to the editor


Accusation is unfounded

I refer to Nan Macfarlane’s article about me in your newspaper (‘Councillor’s extremism ignites a storm’, November 21), where she reports on Alison Hibbert’s attempts to bring me into public hatred, ridicule and contempt.

This victimisation of those who fail to conform to socialist-liberal orthodoxy is just a further example of political correctness and the corruption of public debate in modern Britain.

Extremism, like beauty, is only a perception. When my family lost its Avondale seat and contents to 65% Death Duties to Harold Wilson’s socialist government I saw this as extreme and positively evil.

But by Alison Hibbert’s yardstick for community councils, the only extremists are traditional conservatives like me.

Clearly, Mrs Hibbert is announcing that in future all those sitting on non-political parish or community councils, or those who offer themselves for service to them, should have to sit an acceptable political test which doubtless the Hibberts of this world would wish to have a part in drawing up.

There was no “storm” or “outcry” in our community or at the council meeting.

Mrs Hibbert arrived with her highly politically-charged letter of resignation, most of which is included in your article, bringing with her a former councillor who resigned a year ago because she did not agree with our wind-farm policies, a friend and her husband, and someone whose planning application the council had objected to, all suitably primed.

Mrs Hibbert handed out her letter and instead of doing the honourable thing and then leaving she made a little scene and got her friends to support her.

Their accusations against my impartiality as chairman and councillor were entirely unfounded and unprovable, and answered accordingly. Not one councillor present supported her.

The community council for years, and long before I joined it, had extreme difficulty in getting helpers and councillors.

Even Mrs Hibbert was unable to complete her mere 12 months term as lady chairman due to “other commitments”. Now she seeks to divide council and community for political ends.

As to the very personal smears made against me and what groups and policies I support, this has nothing to do with a non-political organisation.

I do not belong to any illegal bodies, have been a traditional Tory all my life (cited in Daily Telegraph 15 June 2001), and until freedom of speech is finally abolished in Great Britain people like me will continue at national level to fight for our nation, its heritage and institutions.

That should not stop me working for our community.

Gregory Lauder-Frost


Pot calling kettle black

With reference to your report (‘Councillor’s extremism ignites a storm’, November 21) of a protest against chairman Gregory Lauder-Frost at a community council meeting, Mrs Hibbert’s orchestrated outburst of political intolerance at the Foulden Mordington and Lamberton Community Council meeting has had the exact effect which she was objecting to: namely politicising and damaging a hard-working community council.

I and many others are hugely appreciative of the hard work and time that our community councillors put in on our behalf.

Ms Hibbert knows that being chairperson is very demanding, as she herself felt unable to continue the role after only a brief time in the chair.

How regrettable it is for someone who should know better to allow her political dislikes to disrupt a dedicated group of people working for the good of the community. If we end up with no community council we will have Ms Hibbert and her gang to thank.

The only credit to Ms Hibbert must be the organisational skills of producing her home team of protesters to hijack the meeting, some would say much akin to Unite and the Falkirk politics.

I hope the community council will now be allowed to continue their good work free of political interference.

John Trotter,

Mordington House, Berwick

Attacks were not justified

I recently visited Berwick-upon-Tweed in order to enjoy a day in your lovely town.

It proved to be an enjoyable experience, but with one marring flaw that demands explanation.

I read a copy of your paper with an article reporting on attacks against Mr Gregory Lauder-Frost’s politics and associations.

Whatever his personal beliefs, they assuredly have no bearing on the community council.

I was appalled to see such blatant character assassination and calumny heaped upon a private individual.

We can only hope that maturity will prevail against such juvenile malice.

Jonathan M. Paquette

St Andrews, Fife


Headline headline headline headline

Your leading article about Mr. Lauder-Frost (‘Councillor’s extremism ignites

storm’, 21 Nov. 2013) illustrates the tactics used by what one can only

describe as the ‘fascist left’.

These tactics aim to shut down the debate by

using character assassination and by attempting to prevent the opposite side

from even expressing their opinions (Why does the left always attempt to

make other people’s opinions illegal?). The labels ‘racist’ and ‘extreme

right-wing’ are typical, as are labels that actually imply some form of

mental illness (phobia or irrational fear), such as ‘Islamophobic’ and

‘homophobic’ (‘Anyone who disagrees with me is mentally ill’ is what it

amounts to). Over the years these tactics have been extraordinarily

successful and, amongst other things, account for the repeated failure

(refusal) to prosecute Asian grooming gangs and the perpetrators of female

genital mutilation (it is estimated that many tens of thousands of girls in

the UK are victims but there have been no prosecutions); the cost to the

victims (usually young girls) has been high indeed. However, the tactics of

the left no longer work because the British public are beginning to wake up

to them and see them for what they are. The British are the most racially

tolerant people in the world but the vast majority of them (over 70% I

think) are now very concerned about the level of immigration. Immigration is

one thing; being swamped is quite another. We are now a minority in our own

capital city and social tensions are growing between earlier groups of

immigrants (e.g. Pakistanis and Indians) and more recent arrivals (e.g.

Romanians). In Sheffield, for instance, a curfew is in force. I drove into

the East End of London the other day and, frankly, I could have been in

Baghdad. With regard to Doreen Lawrence, other people have also suffered

terrible personal tragedies and have fought long and hard for justice (but

without the backing of the media), including, for instance, the parents of

Charlene Downes, a young white girl who appears to have been murdered by a

grooming gang and then chopped up and put into kebabs which were sold to the

public. So why was Doreen Lawrence given a life peerage if so many others

have suffered as badly as she has? It is a sad reflection on the state of

our country that I suspect that she wouldn’t be sitting in the House of

Lords if she had been white. That’s not her fault of course but it is the

result of what the left has done to this country. Mr. Lauder-Frost doesn’t

hate black people (or brown or yellow people) but he does, I suspect, hate

what the left has done his country.

Graham Senior-Milne

Castle Street, NorhamRemembrance

Coldstream Poppy Appeal

On behalf of the Poppy Appeal Scotland I would like to thank all the organisers and collectors who gave unstintingly of their time and energy to raise the magnificent sum of £1,447.

Grateful thank also to the ever generous folks of Coldstream who unfailingly rise to the occasion.

Will Murray,

RBLS Coldstream Branch Poppy Appeal organiser.

Duns collection headline here

The Duns Poppy Appeal tins have now been counted and paid into the bank - the total sum achieved this year is £3308.82p, well nigh close to last year’s amount, and I would like to thank everyone who gave donations in Duns, Chirnside, Allanton,Swinton, Gavinton and Lonformacus. I would also like to thank the people who so generously gave of their time to rattle tins around the streets, and to the shops and stores - especially the Cadet Forces. Your efforts are much appreciated every year.

My thanks to you all.

Donald Stokes,

RBLS Duns Branch Chairman


£1,000 rasied for Phillippines

A big thank you to all the people who supported and helped the appeal for the Philllippines held in the Masons Hall in Eyemouth on Saturday November 23. The princely sum of £1,030has been raised to date.

Carole Scott

Eyemouth Parish Church


Promising future for Coldstream

s It is good to see in the new edition of the Coldstream Community News that the Coldstream Branch and Club of the Royal British Legion appears to have a promising future. I wish the new organisers well.

However, as one who has been involved in running and attending many events in the club I would like to pay tribute to all those who for many years have strived, worked extremely hard and succeeded in keeping it open under very considerable national, building and personnel problems.

Closure has appeared imminent on many occasions, but it has stayed open despite everything and is now the only RBL club in Berwickshire.

Thanks are of course due to all who have rallied round but especially, with their small but loyal band of members and helpers, to the long-serving Steward Jim Cockburn and his wife Sheila. They have been unfailingly welcoming and helpful and endlessly attended and helped with events of all kinds, with the day or hours apparently immaterial to them.

They deserve our very grateful thanks and best wishes for a well deserved long and happy retirement.

Caroline Douglas-Home



Headline headline headingl headl

On behalf of the members of the Burnmouth RNLI Branch I would like to thank all who came along to our concert on Friday 15th November.

The Podlies once again gave us a great night of entertainment and were enjoyed by everyone. A big thank you to the helpers and all who donated towards the raffle etc.

A total sum of £308 was raised.

I would also like to thank all those who supported our souvenir stall at Eyemouth High School Fayre, Eyemouth Parish Church Fayre and Saltgreens Fayre. Still needing Christmas cards? we will be at the Christmas Fayre in Burnmouth Village Hall this Saturday

Margaret Driscoll

Secretary, Lyndale


Headline headline headline headline

On behalf of Friends of the Knoll I would like to thank everyone who bought, those who donated and those who helped at our stall at BAVS Charities market.

We raised £327.30. Thank you again.

Anne Cummins


Chilly Morrisons

Sympathy for the staff

What a sarcastic letter from D Thorburn (BN 21-11-13) in reply to the person who wrote in regarding ‘chilly’ Morrisons store in Berwick

If I recall, this person was mainly concerned for the staff working there.

Recently we visited Home Base, Berwick. The tills are right by the main front entrance and the bitter cold wind was blowing rhrough tinto the story every time they opened. I showed my sympathy to the staff who agreed how cold it was.

Perhaps D Thorburn should also ‘get a life’ and think of others working in such conditions.

Jean Cunningham