Letters to the editor

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Drains problem at Chirnside

I was pleased to finally hear that the environmental problem of sewage erupting from drains and the backing up of toilets into the houses of No 1, 2 and 3 of David Hume View in Chirnside had finally been undertaken and was there to see the work carried out on the hydro outside No 2 David Hume View.

I was totally dismayed to see on the evening of Friday, August 23, at around 11.30pm, after a downpour of rain, that the work carried out has made no difference to the drains and the outpouring of sewage from them at the above locations.

On flushing the toilets at No 1, they backed up and almost overflowed, and this after a moderate downpour.

Myself and Mr Dickinson, who reside at No 2 and 3, tried to relieve the pressure to the houses, once again, by lifting the drain covers.

This is a totally unacceptable situation to contend with for this length of time, after Persimmon’s assurance that this would be rectified.

I was informed that building work would not continue on the estate until this problem had been resolved, this is not the case, further housing coming online will only add to the existing problems at David Hume View.

I will therefore, hope Persimmonn will amend the drains to prevent the backing up of toilets and constant contamination of sewage, both within the area and the public areas outside the development.

May I add that at no time has the public been made aware of the sewage contamination of the public road grass and path and have been allowed to continue to access these area’s regardless of the risk to health.

I look forward to a response from Persimmon and I am forwarding copies of this to MSP John Lamont, Mr D. Brown Scottish Borders Council environmental health officer, and Environmental Health Scotland.

This can not be allowed to continue and I would hope all concerned will give this their full attention.

J.W. Turner,

David Hume View, Chirnside.

charity event

Big Wax raises £4,000

AAR-UK had an overwhelming and generous support for The Big Wax charity event at the Black and Gold on August 9.

It was an absolutely amazing and unbeleivable response. To everyone who attended the evening, thank you, we hope you enjoyed the evening as much as we did.

AAR-UK cannot thank the people of Berwick and the surrounding areas enough. We therefore feel it is important we name, as promised, all those who contributed to the “The Big Wax “ and undoubtly made it a triumphant success.

Thanks go to The Black and Gold and their staff for all their work in supporting and hosting the event and Print-Spot for all their expertise in advertising.

The following excellent performers.... Iain Petrie, Electric Penelope and her accompaniment, The Risky Number’s of Wooler, and the lovely Lyn Manderson of Eyemouth. Berwick upon Tweed’s one and only Bob Wilkinson for compering the entire night assisted by the lovely Georgia Graham. The unbelievably organised Hamish Bell for keeping us in order with his pa system, Kelco’s Coostie Event Hire.

Katie Banister of Relax Tweedmouth and her assitants Tracy Sanderson and Holly McCaskill for their leg-waxing services and expertise on the evening, auctioneer extraordinaire Peter Repper, Robert Whitten for the delicious Big Wax Event Cake. Shoe Care for the Wimp and Hero trophy prizes.

Thanks also goes to two lovely young ladies, Katie Hindmarsh and Rachel Cross, for the delightful table service.

Auction, raffle and leg-waxing sponsor donations thanks go to...Ronnie Dale Driving School, The Allanton Inn, Border’s Straw, Chappel Jeweller’s, Lazyday Cottages, Bravado Underwear, Archie Hume of Kelso, Bisley at Braidwood, Pictorial Photography, Hutton Stone, Loaf B&B, Mary Melvin, Orr Outdoor’s, Mkm, Ideal Carpet’s, The Green Shop, Halford’s, Swan Leisure Centre, Jewson’s, J.H.Wood, The Music Shop, Pier Red, The Granary Guest House, Robertson’s of Berwick, Magna Tandoori, Foxton’s, Simpson’s Malt, Malting’s Theatre, Twenty Five Gallery, Tessa Benton, Madeleine Stringer, Peelham Farm, J.D. Collin’s, Sallyport Market Shop, The Retreat, Star Barber’s, Graham’s, Square One.

We apologise if we have missed anyone off our list.

Last but not least AAR-UK are indebited to the brave lads who donated their hairy legs, chests, backs and under-arms to be waxed, Wow guy’s, what a night...can’t wait for 2014!

Autoimmune Alopecia Research UK are now one huge step forward to raising their targeted amount of £140k to initiate the first ever medical research in the UK.

Pam and Jayne Waddell, Amy Lamont, Sarah Oliver, Claire Etherington and Aichia Fagan.

Diabetes UK

Berwick fundraiser

On behalf of Diabetes UK Berwick Branch I would like to thank everyone who supported us at our coffee morning in the Guild Hall.

We raised £511.55. Special thank you to Malcolm from Lloyds Chemists for coming along to give his expert advice.

Also thanks go to all those who helped and gave their time on the day.

Kathleen Warner,


Pinkfoot geese

Wind turbine hazzard

I am writing to express my concern at the potential hazards to wintering Pinkfoot Geese from the proposed wind turbine development at Rumbleton Rig.

It is a matter of concern that the usual morning flight path of the geese from their roost on Hule Moss to feeding grounds and their evening return to roost on the Moss would be directly over the proposed wind turbines.

Further, evening winter mist and fog on Greenlaw Moor is by no means uncommon. Under thesen circumstances geese tend to become disorientated or ‘lost’ and would therefore be at increased risk of injury.

It should be appreciated that for many years Hule Moss, a site of Special Scientific Interest, has been one of the most important reserves for wintering Pinkfood Geese in the UK.

It is essential that this important local environmental issue be fully considered in connection with any planning applications.

Ian W. Fingland,

West House, Greenlaw.

herring queen

2014 Crowning

The Eyemouth Herring Queen Committee would like to announce that the crowning of our 70th Herring Queen will take place on the 26th of July 2014.

We would like to invite all our previous queens to take part in the celebrations. If anyone has contact details for any of our previous queens they can send them by email to eyemouthherringqueen@hotmail.co.uk or leave a message on our facebook page or hand in the name and address to Douglas Stewart at the Tavern Bar or Jemma Landels at Occassions flower shop.

The committee have already started the preparations for next year and are hoping to create something bigger and better than ever before.

Herring Queen Committee.

charity darts

Thanks for support

May I, through your paper, thank everyone for supporting my open pairs darts competition on Sunday, August 25, in aid of Macmillan Cancer Support.

Thanks go to all shopkeepers in Eyemouth, Berwick Rangers, Plough Allerdean, D.R. Collin and all my friends for their donations and raffle prizes.

Special thanks must also go to Robert Ainslie for sponsoring the trophies and also to Douglas Stewart and staff at The Tavern for their hospitality.

The total raised was £450.

The winners were Colin Lowe and Peter Craig and runners-up were Craig Young and Gerry Brown.

Thank you all very much.

Irene Aitchison,

Gunsgreen Crescent, Eyemouth.


Anniversary flower bed

During this beautiful summer the flower beds in Duns and in the Public Park have been a riot of colour.

To mark the 90th anniversary of Berwickshire Federation of SWRI a new flower bed was created in the Park, worked and planted by the Parks department but the flowers were provided by a grant from BAVS.

The WRI are very grateful for the support of this very worthy organisation who do so much in so many different ways to improve the lives of the people of Berwickshire.

Mary Macfarlane,

Federation chairman.

flower show

Great support at Chirnside

On behalf of the Chirnside and District Horticultural Society I would like to thank everyone for the great support we had at the Flower Show, especially the Chirnside School, every class - including the nursery - entered.

The wonderful display along with the usual classes of flowers, vegetables and baking filled the Community Centre and small hall. Well done to you all!

Also our new competition for growing a potato in a bucket, kindly supplied by the Chirnside Co-op and A.P. Greenvale Ltd, was a great success. A total of 45 potatoes were grown and Margaret Robertson won with 2.720 kilos.

Many thanks to all who helped in any way, we couldn’t manage without you.

Jean Garden,

Secretary, Chirnside and District Horticultural Society.

Civic week

Memories of Coldstream

How do you put into words, tears, goose bumps and increased heart beats?

This is what we experienced during Civic Week in Coldstream.

We were invited to come from Canada to celebrate this very special 500th year of the Battle of Flodden. We really had no idea what was in store for us!

The whole week was just one incredible event after another – the opening ceremony, the beloved bagpipes, church dinners, plays, parades, the ride out to Norham, the “pink” tractor parade, the awesome ride out to Flodden, the charge up the hill, the tailgate picnic, the turning in of the sash, and the exciting fireworks .

As incredible as these events were the highlight of the week for us was the people we met.

What makes a community are its people and we got to share this week with some very wonderful people who made us feel so welcome.

We came home with a suitcase full of great memories.

We take our hats off to the organisers and participants of this great festival – we enjoyed a fabulous holiday, one which we will never forget, all due to your hard work.

Brian and Sheila Swan,

Tweedside, Harvey, New Brunswick, Canada.

lifeboat day

Events raise nearly £2,000

Many thanks to all the visitors and supporters who attended Lifeboat Day in Eyemouth last Saturday, helping to make it such a success despite again suffering with poor weather.

The day raised nearly £2,000 from the combined events which everyone seemed to greatly enjoy.

Special thanks to all the volunteers and helpers including Herring Queen Committee and Eyemouth Initiative, who helped organise the event, set up and break down the stalls on the day and generally provide all their time to make the day go so smoothly.

Again Reston Concert Band were outstanding in providing such marvellous entertainment and the painting donated by Mr David Dougal was the main attraction for the raffle helping to boost sales enormously.

Additionally there is a special vote of thanks to all those who gave donations and to the local businesses that gave their support in many ways - Eyemouth Rib Trips provided a thrill for both old and young alike and Giacopazzi Ice Creams for providing the stall and donating the ice cream itself.

The next event will be a production of The PlayBoy on September 28 at Eyemouth High School - tickets are on sale now!

Andy Frost,

Eyemouth RNLI.


No change at Leitholm!

I wrote a few months ago about the state of Leitholm churchyard. As I have been back to visit a few times in the summer months, I have seen no change in state of pots and flowers, with strimmer damage. Why do we waste money on flowers and plants, for them to be destroyed by lack of care!

Freda Campbell (nee Hay).


Unlikely dictator

President Assad of Syria was a mild mannered North London optician when his older brother was killed in a car accident in Damascus. Assad was then called upon to take over from his aged father as the dictator of Syria. A more unlikely dictator you could not find. It is almost a story from an Ealing comedy. Of course there is nothing comical about war, refugees or chemical weapons. Our British Prime Minister hastily, a year ago prophesied the down fall of the Optician. Mr Cameron now wants us to go to war. Is being proved right, one of his motives for intervening? Would toppling Assad not just create a classic power vacuum anyway in Syria?

Nigel F Boddy,