Bleak winter scenes at Foulden
Bleak winter scenes at Foulden
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Swinton regeneration - a balanced perspective

SIR, - I refer to the article ‘Swinton’s blueprint for development’ in ‘The Berwickshire News’ of January 10.

As a relative newcomer to the village of Swinton, I feel compelled to express my total disagreement with the negative and reactionary comments of a fellow resident, reported in Janice Gillie’s front page article.

It is perhaps true that community spirit in the village could be stronger, though it is difficult to see how this might be measured objectively. However, assuming this to be the case, I see it as a situation almost solely due to a lack of facilities such as those outlined in the proposed development.

Adopting a more positive perspective :

• An influx of what one can only assume would be mostly young families would reinforce the position of the village school and have a rejuvenating effect on village population.

• The need for a village hall has been clearly evidenced by past general meetings on the subject. Consequently, the provision of land to enable residents to establish a village hall can only be seen as a major benefit.

• The creation of playing fields and allotments would provide further means and opportunities for villagers to get together and enjoy the benefits of country living.

• A larger and more active Swinton would (hopefully) result in the introduction of an improved public transport service, to the benefit off all residents.

With the advent of all the above, community spirit would most definitely flourish. Surely this is the very essence of regeneration, which the on-line Cambridge Dictionary defines as “The improvement of a place (or system) by making it more active or successful”.

The village of Swinton was established many centuries ago. Like all such villages, it has survived, even thrived, by accepting and adapting to change; a process of evolution. The proposed regeneration project would simply be the latest stage in that ongoing process.


Millburn House,


Eyemouth community pulls together

SIR, - On behalf of the Christmas Lights sub-committee, I would like to thank all the individuals, groups and businesses, that so generously contributed to make the Christmas Lights in Eyemouth such a success this year.

The whole community rose to the challenge of collecting a large amount of money, at a time when the economic climate makes it difficult to find spare cash to donate and when there were a lot of deserving causes.

Having raised the money and received the lights there was fantastic group of volunteers, who donated their time and expertise to install the lights, led by David Collin (W.L. Collin Electricians) who very generously supplied all materials at cost price. It was a real community effort and shows what is possible when the whole community pulls together.

Many thanks again to all concerned,


Eyemouth and District Community Trust.

Dog deposits at Duns

SIR, - We arrived home from holiday on January 8 to find eight dog deposits in our garden. Very considerate of them to leave one for each of our eight granddaughters to possibly tread in them. Maybe I will find eight witnesses but just one will do.


Ainslie Terrace,


Thanks for donations

SIR, - I would like to Thank everyone who donated to Help for Heroes in lieu of flowers at my husband’s funeral service on January 9 and all private donations. The sum of £350 was collected which will help to treat our severely wounded servicemen and women. From the bottom of my heart thank you for helping this worthy cause.


The Avenue.


Territorial Army reunion planned

SIR, - It is planned to hold a Territorial Army reunion in the Kelso branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland in Roxburgh Street on March 15.

This is the nearest date we can get to the commemorative date of the formation of the King’s Own Scottish Borderers, as the reunion is mainly for those who served with B (KOSB) Coy, 2/52 Lowland Volunteers in Galashiels. It must be emphasised, however, that this event is for anyone who served in the Territorial Army, including PSIs.

There will be a charge of £15 to cover the cost of the evening and this should be paid before the night.

It would be nice to have old photographs to compare and discuss, so anyone who has any available, please bring them to the function and they can be collected at the end of the evening.

To be able to take part in the reunion, call James Black (01573 223484) or Bill Heaney (01573 228316).


Croft Road,


Make winter tyres compulsory

SIR, - As winter is at last with us and cars are sliding off roads, why can’t the government be sensible and follow the example of Europe and Canada and make it compulsory to fit cold weather tyres to all vehicles.

Money could be saved by cutting the costs of buying and spreading salt. The less salt used the less damage to roads and vehicles - so less repairs all round. There may even be fewer accidents as vehicles would not slide off roads so easily, while all councils would have to do would be to sweep away the loose snow.



Cancer Research benefits from Eyemouth party

SIR, - May I through your column say a big thank you to family and friends who attended my birthday party at Eyemouth Golf Club on December 15. I requested no presents necessary but would be grateful to anyone who wished to give a donation to Cancer Research.

We raised £950 which has been sent to the Cancer Research Centre in Edinburgh.

Thank you all who came and gave generously, it was a great night.




Boys Brigade fundraiser

SIR, - Thank you to everyone who came along to the 1st Coldstream Boys Brigade Company coffee morning on Saturday, January 12, in Coldstream Parish Church Hall. The sum of £560 was raised for Company funds. Special thank you to Wilma and Ann and the families and friends who donated prizes, cakes and their time.


Officer in Charge.

Knit and Natters fundraiser

SIR, - On behalf of Eyemouth Knit and Natters group, I would like to thank everyone who supported our fundraising with the sale of hand knitted goods over the Christmas period. We were very pleased to raise the sum of £227 for CLIC Sargent, an excellent charity which supports children with cancer and leukaemia.


Priors Walk,


Horrified at drivers

SIR, - I was horrified on Sunday afternoon to see several 4x4 vehicles driving up Duns Law to get their children close to the top of the hill with their sledges - this, in spite of signs stating that there is no public vehicular access to the area and the fact that there is no track up the Law.

These drivers were forcing walkers off the track, kindly ploughed by the castle and much appreciated by many, into rough snow, causing problems for the elderly and less able. Also they were damaging the surrounding grazing land.

I wonder if any of these illegal and inconsiderate drivers will consider offering financial recompense to the Castle or Duns Law Farm for the damage they have done?