Cove Harbour part of the Berwickshire coastline built in 1828.
Cove Harbour part of the Berwickshire coastline built in 1828.

Crossrig windfarm presentation a farce

SIR, - Along with many other people who wished to know what the proposals are for the wind farm at Crossrig Farm, Hutton, we attended the presentation at Hutton Village Hall.

The developers, Airvolution, assisted by Savills Estate Agents, sent a landscape architect to answer questions, who had done no research, knew nothing and was unable to give any information at all.

There were also two charming ladies who likewise were unable to give any relevant information. When asked about the results of the wind anemometer (Met Mast), which has been erected at Crossrig for some time, they had no knowledge. But of course there is no need to worry about the wind as most of the revenue is generated by subsidy paid for by you and I in increased electricity charges.

In summary, the presentation was a farce and an insult to local people who had taken the trouble to attend. All this could be forgiven or forgotten if one was dealing with a jack the lad developer on some minor project

However, we are facing a potential development with one of the biggest visual impacts of any wind farm yet proposed in the low lying rural farmland of the Merse.

Turbines 126.5 metres high which will be visible the length of the Borders, from Berwick to the Eildons. It is time that everyone who loves this countryside wakes up to the threat of industrialisation of our landscape.

Please write to your local council and Member of Parliament, and importantly to Mr Salmond who is quoted as saying that he considers wind turbines enhance the beauty of the countryside. Perhaps he should have wind turbines installed on Arthurs seat where he could admire them from his office.


Mordington House,


Civic Week benefits

SIR, - The committee of Coldstream Riders Association are delighted to advise that we managed to raise the fantastic sum of £546.70 at our coffee morning on Saturday, December 8.

This money will go towards the organisation and running costs of the rideouts at Coldstream Civic Week 2013. Special thanks to Jim, Sheila, Wilma and Ann for their support.

Thanks to all the local businesses who donated to our huge Christmas hamper and to the individuals who helped by baking, donating items or coming along to help on the day. And of course the coffee morning would not have been possible had it not been for the people who came along to the coffee morning itself to make their purchases and enjoy a cuppa, we are extremely grateful for your continued support.



Coldstream Riders Association.

Duns Christmas lights

SIR, - Once again the Square in Duns is looking bright and cheerful with a tall elegant tree and a brilliant display of lights.

It has been a difficult year for the team as they battled with an inadequate number of outlets for the displays and the quirky nature of the new points. However, despite everything thrown down to make life difficult the team have managed to make the Square look its festive best.

It is only right that those who are involved are acknowledged and this year we received the loan of cranes, access equipment and other kit from Redpath Tyres, Dave Lucas, Thorburns, the Lawnmower Centre and Andrew Hodge.

The volunteers included Martin Allman, Brian Bolton, Jim Henman, Stuart Gillies, Andrew Hodge, Elliot Lindsay, Steven Longstaff, Billy O’Brien, Doug Redpath, Neil Redpath, Shug Renton, Graham Sharp, Johnny Thorburn, John Thorburn Jnr, Bill Thorburn, Adam Turnbull and Scott Turnbull. Sincere apologies if I have missed anyone out.

Special mention must be made of our honorary electrician, Bob Markby, who bears the responsibility of making sure everything is properly connected and safe but also attends to the regular maintenance required to ensure the lights remain on.

The Lights Group would also like to thank Mr Wilson of Whitchester Estate for the donation of the tree, the White Swan for sustenance, the Rotary Club of Duns for the insurance cover and, last but not least, all who have helped out with electricity supplies.

If we had to pay for the time and equipment needed to erect everything it would cost almost £7,000 every year.

We are indeed fortunate that we have so many willing to provide time and support to make the Square the attractive place it is at Christmas.

A very Merry Christmas to all who helped.



Kay was well liked by all

SIR, - I was saddened to learn of the passing of Augustyn Karolewski, better known as “Kay” to many of us, through your paper.

I got to know Kay way back in the 1970s at North Bells Fishery. He was skipper and very good at it, keeping us all going net fishing.

We worked hard especially during the summer months, doing 18 hours at times when the fish were running, salmon and trout.

Kay hired two young school lads and with a six man crew we worked four on four off resting in turns.

We caught many fish; Kay would hate if any got away as lead rope would sometimes lift due to weed that grew on the river bed.

He would use a tractor with harrows and drive up and down river fishing grounds levelling everything; he kept the station grounds in tip top condition and all ran well.

In quieter times when fording (waiting and looking for fish) we’d share tales and stories. Kay told me of Wojtek the soldier bear, but I didn’t read much into it at the time.

Yes those summer evenings, the fun and laughter, we were like a band of brothers.

We shall all miss Kay, a lovely man, well liked by all who came to know him.

Goodbye my dear friend,


Priors Walk,


Lanark Lodge fundraiser

SIR, - We recently had a Christmas Coffee Afternoon at Lanark Lodge Day Service. We must thank all who came and made the afternoon a great success. We would also like to thank the gentlemen from “Strum For Fun” who provided such wonderful music for us. We raised the magnificent sum of £404.64. We very much appreciate the support we receive from our service users, parents and carers and of course the good people of Duns. May we also take this opportunity to wish you all a very Happy Christmas.



Poppy Appeal

SIR, - On behalf of the Royal British Legion Scotland Duns Branch, I am delighted to announce that the total sum collected for this years appeal amounted to £3,479.20, and this has been sent to headquarters. Many thanks to all those who did street collections, and rattled tins around the town (especially the Cadet organisations), and to the shops and pubs that kindly took tins on their counters. These days, every penny counts, and Duns can be proud of its contribution.


Duns Branch Chairman.

Cycling for Finlay

SIR, – May we use your letters page to say a huge thank you to everyone who sponsored us when we did our Big Cycle Ride from Glasgow to Inverness in October. We chose probably the best weekend of the year to do the bike ride and had perfect weather, clear bright days and no wind, which made the 212 miles cycled very enjoyable. Having collected all the sponsorship money we raised the fantastic total of £1,060 for a new wheelchair for Finlay Paxton. This will go a long way towards the total cost of £8,000 which is needed to purchase the wheelchair Finlay needs.