Langton Edge at Hardens Hill, a popular site with walkers is still golden coloured as the last of the autumn leaves hold onto the trees.
Langton Edge at Hardens Hill, a popular site with walkers is still golden coloured as the last of the autumn leaves hold onto the trees.

Improved train services are vital

SIR, - This week Scottish ministers have announced plans for a high speed rail link between Edinburgh and Glasgow without costing the scheme.

This plan is expected to reduce the journey time to about 30 minutes.

For over a decade RAGES and its members like myself have been advocating for an improved service to Dunbar and on to Berwick with re-opened stations at East Linton and Reston. The former has a designated site and is supported by East Lothian Council and cross party MSP support.

Over the years campaigners have been made to jump through a range of hoops in trying to secure a better service.

An improved train service for Dunbar and East Linton would benefit many travellers, particularly if there were across East Lothian stops. Extra trains would give competition to the buses on which it currently takes longer to get from Dunbar to Musselburgh than it does to get from Edinburgh to Glasgow by train.

If we want to see a reduction in car movements between Dunbar and Edinburgh it is essential that we have improved public transport links and improved train services are a vital part of the infrastructure that is required.





Coldstream Football Club fence is not feasible

SIR, - The following may help to clarify the debate. The west side of the pitch, which is the preferred spectator side, has an absolute maximum of eight feet between the top of the bank (where the permanent fence would have to be) and the sideline. Within this eight feet would have to fit, the temporary fence, the linesman, and spectators. I don’t think this is feasible for access, comfort, or safety.


Leet Street,


No local players

SIR, - In answer to Mr Parsons’ letter, there are no local players in the present Coldstream Football Club East of Scotland team. The current crop of players are ones that cannot get a game for their local area team. In answer to a further part of his letter around 20 spectators is the average for a home game. Instead of building a 100-seater stand it would be cheaper asking BT for a couple of telephone boxes they are finished with. This all started with the requirement of a rope around the pitch, and has now escalated to fences and a grandstand. There is no way that this will stop there. Once the SFA gets their teeth into something demand will follow demand, they have to justify their job in the organisation. I have encountered this type of person all my working life. Will somebody ask the SFA to give a written guarantee that changes will be stopped for say 10 years? Pigs do fly don’t they?


Cheviot Terrace,


SBC fine

SIR, - My earlier letter asked: “Who fined Scottish Borders Council, and who gets the money?” Councillor John Greenwell has kindly answered this question. The fine was levied by the Information Commissioner (UK Government) and the money goes directly into the coffers of HM Treasury (UK Government). So a proportion of our rates has, by a devious route, ended up in London, where it will probably help with expenses!


Leet Street,


Local democracy

SIR, - I must apologise to Mr Dennington and your readers for getting my figures wrong. Serves me right for believing a Tory MP! However, my mistake does not alter the fact that all of Scotland’s voters are massively outnumbered by the voters of England’s Home Counties, and their influence on policy making at Westminster. Goodness, there are over eight million people in London alone! As to Mr Dennington’s remarks about local democracy, it’s true that Scottish Borders Council should address itself to local concerns, but parliament in Edinburgh has to take decisions regarding wind farms, etc. after considering what is best for the nation as a whole. Would Mr Dennington rather these decisions were taken in London – I know I would not? The same would apply in an independent Scotland – Holyrood deciding Scotland’s future and thus democracy being closer to the Scottish people.


Whitsome Crofts,


A Remembrance concert to remember

SIR, - I would like to thank Dave Jones and the Reston Concert Band for yet another wonderful Remembrance Concert, held on Sunday, November 4 in Coldingham Hall.

If you weren’t there you missed a great afternoon of entertainment with the band playing pieces such as ‘Eye level’, ‘Under the boardwalk’, ‘Perfidia’, ‘Fame’ and a resounding ‘Rock around the clock’, to mention but a few.

Sadly Lyn Manderson was unable to sing that day because of illness, however Dave Jones and Jacqui Budge stepped forward to take her place and sang several solo tracks, with Dave giving us his version of, ‘A working man’ after which Jacqui was hitting the high notes with ‘Somewhere’.

With ticket prices of only £4, it really was a great afternoon of good music, the proceeds of which were kindly donated to the Royal British Legion poppy fund. My thanks to everyone involved in making the day.


Eyemouth RBL poppy convener.


SIR, - On Remembrance Sunday I went to Foulden War Memorial to observe the two minute silence. While taking part in the service, cars continued to drive by, two did slow down at least. I am told that at the Paxton War Memorial no less than 20 cars drove by during the two minute silence. What do your readers think of the conduct of the drivers and their passengers? Too busy and important driving their cars to recognise those who were remembering November 11th?


Church House,


Tremendous effort

SIR, - Many thanks to all who attended the Duns Guild Sale on Saturday, November 10, making it a great success

For everyone who supported by helping, attending or donating - a big thank you! The sum of £1,212.69p. was raised on the day, another tremendous effort by all concerned.



Duns Parish Church Guild.

Poppy Appeal Quilt

SIR, - May we, through your letters page, thank those who bought raffle tickets for the Poppy Appeal Quilt. Honour Our Troops Crafters handcrafted seven household items with the poppy as decoration and the first prize was a double bed size patchwork poppy quilt.

In doing so Honour Our Troops raised £220.06 for the Poppy Appeal. Our thanks also go to the Macmillan Charities Fair where we raised funds for the Poppy Appeal and also £58.50 for Honour Our Troops. Our deepest thanks to all those who supported us throughout the Borders and the Royal British Legion Scotland Branches of Coldstream and Kelso as well as the Over 60’s Club in Coldstream. We would also like to thank The Fruit Corner Shop for displaying our handcrafted items and selling our raffle tickets, they did a sterling job.



Honour Our Troops.

Head shave thanks

SIR, - May I through your column thank my many friends, family and public for their tremendous support for my sponsored ‘Head Shave’ on November 4 in Eyemouth. The total sum raised so far is £1,500 which will support my volunteering project with Original Volunteers Organisation in Kenya and Malawi. Your generous donations will allow me to contribute directly in the local communities helping children and families in the Maasia Mara area of Kenya and the Zomba region of Malawi where I will be based helping in schools, clinics and regeneration projects.