Ladykirk church, originally called Our Lady Kirk of Steill built by James IV in gratitude for not drowning in the Tweed after the siege of Norham Castle.
Ladykirk church, originally called Our Lady Kirk of Steill built by James IV in gratitude for not drowning in the Tweed after the siege of Norham Castle.

Serve your local community

SIR, - Many people complain that they have no voice in local matters.

All local residents have recently had an opportunity to play a part in the Community Council elections.

We have just seen the closure of the applications for Dunbar Community Council along with all 20 community councils in the East Lothian Council area.

Of the 20 community council areas only three will see elections. I feel very sad that when so many people across East Lothian demand democracy and to have their voice heard in discussions so few people have put their names forward across the county.

In the meantime, I am happy to remain a representative of Dunbar Community Council and to serve the local people of Dunbar and District in the years ahead.


High Street,


Demise of Chirnside netball group

SIR, - I, Mrs Celia Murray have terminated the existance of the Chirnside Ladies Netball Group.

This unexpected closure will come as a shock to the 39 members of this group over the two year period it has existed.

I have valued the wonderful dedication of the members “whose lives changed visibly” - through our practices together. I believe that we enjoyed the discipline of being part of a competitve sport, the fun and social gatherings at the New Manse, plus planners over coffee and nibbles were useful times to plan. Merely the simple fact that you had a reular weekly event in your lives - was so good for you.

Our club has certainly achieved its goal - to draw the women of the Village and surrounding villages and towns out of their homes and family commitments for relief in exercise and FUN. We have endured all weathers but never succumbed! We were incredibly proud of our win against Eyemouth team - which incidently is a child of our team.

I would like to express our most sincere thanks to Mr Trussler, headmaster of Chirnside Primary School, Mandy, his secretary and Hazel and both school jantors for their willing co-operation at all times.

Would any interested ‘non player’ managers and new members interested contact the school with enquiries.

My clear decision to announce this closure, occurred on September 13, 2012, when I addressed only eight members present. If the future group is revived I hereby suggest that they consider making a First Aid course and a test on the rules of the game would be a requisite to be part of this team. Further I would suggest that they be creative with their funds - in sharing them with the local community, either toward their children’s needs at the school or in the Mum’s and Toddlers groups in the Village.

In November I will be leading ‘Every Day Teaching with your children’ - birth to five years.

I thankyou the editor for this media through which I make this known to the community of Berwickshire


New Manse,


Thanks for sponsorship

SIR, - I would like to thank the many people of the Coldstream and Kelso area for their support and yet again sponsoring me on behalf of MacMillan Cancer Support in this years Great North Run. It was my third time running the race and was extra special because of there being so many Olympians at the start - I managed to high five Mo Farah - and also because of the large crowd of people who turned out to cheer us on even with the torrential rain! Thank you again.


Station House,


Race Night benefits Fogo Nursery

SIR, - We would like to say a huge “thank you” to everyone who supported our recent Race Night at Whitsome Ark to raise funds for Fogo Nursery.

Everyone had a thoroughly enjoyable evening and the amazing sum raised was £619.

Grateful thanks to all who sponsored races, bought horses and came along on the night. The Trustees of Fogo Nursery (and families) worked really hard to organise the evening and made it such a success. The children are looking forward to some new equipment arriving to play with!

Our next event will be our “Little Piggy Sale” on Saturday, October 27, in Duns Volunteer Hall, come along and grab a bargain!


Fogo Nursery.

Duns Summer Festival fundraiser a success

SIR, - May I through your paper say a huge thank you on behalf of the Duns Summer Festival Committee to all the people who contributed in any way towards our car boot sale held on Sunday, September 23.

We made a fantastic £415.87. These funds are greatly appreciated and will help towards the running costs of what we hope to be another successful Reivers Week in 2013.


On behalf of Duns Summer Festival Committee

Eyemouth’s Floral Gateway success

SIR, - Eyemouth Town Community Council “Enhancement Group” was delighted to be placed fourth in the “Town” category for this year’s Scottish Borders Floral Gateway competition.

The judges comented very favourably on the enthusiastic efforts of the group of volunteers in this first entry in the competition. The impact in the town of the new planters and the flower beds and displays throughout the town has brought positive comments from tourists and residents alike.

The Enhancement Group has learnt much from entering the competition for the first time and aim to improve their position in future years. They want to increase the number of planters and improve the flower beds throughout the town and especially the entry routes to the town. The group would like more green-fingered volunteers to help. Anyone interested can contact me on 01890751108.


Eyemouth Enhancement Group.

Birgham’s blooming success story

SIR, -I understand that you had a recent article covering the results of the Floral Gateway competition this year. You mentioned Galashiels, Coldstream and Greenlaw but failed to mention Birgham.

We won the Wee Village category last year and were entered in the Champion of Champions category this year in which we came a very commendable second to Galashiels (93 points) with 92 points.

We are justly proud of this result since unlike the larger towns, we receive very limited help from the council parks department and the majority of the flower arrangements and grounds maintenance in the village is carried out by the residents themselves.

I realise it is too late to amend the article, but thought you may wish to be made aware of the error.


Birgham Community Development Trust Secretary.

Charity darts

SIR, - I would like to say thank you to those who came along to the Tavern and supported the Frankie Moul and Margaret Thompson Memorial Darts Pairs Competition held in aid of Cancer Reasearch. Thanks also goes to Irene for her help on the night and those who donated raffles and to Douglas for providing the supper. The winners were Pam Thompson and Jen Fife with runners-up Heather Walker and Irene Aitchison. A total of £150 was raised.



Independent Scotland will remain in EU

SIR, - Much news coverage has been devoted to whether an independent Scotland would automatically be part of the European Union or would have to negotiate its entry.

Many EU experts and academics, such as Emile Noel, Secretary General of the European Commission, and European Court of Justice judge, Lord Mackenzie-Stuart, have already confirmed that Scotland is part of the territory of the European Union and the people of Scotland are citizens of the EU – there is no provision for either of these circumstances to change upon independence.

Despite Unionist scaremongering all the evidence points to the fact that an independent Scotland will remain an integral part of the European Union and will not have to re-apply for EU membership.


Leamington Terrace,