Sensible and non-partisan decision by SBC’s planning committee

SIR, - I was astonished to read on your web pages (September 4) the statement by a representative of the energy company E.on that in their Corsbie Moor wind power station proposal they had: ‘worked so closely with the councils and communities to ensure that the project was acceptable to them.’

As a resident of one of the communities most directly affected by the proposal, I am very clear that the second part of this statement is quite untrue.

The single meeting that took place in October 2010 between an E.on representative and a group of local residents was at our request. The proceedings consisted mainly of the representative showing us a Google Earth presentation of the horrifying visual impact of the proposed scheme on our homes and confirmation that we local residents could expect to receive no benefit or compensation should it go ahead. We were certainly never asked if the proposal was acceptable to us.

At no time did anyone from the company say to any of us: ‘We realise that this scheme will damage your homes and lives. What might we do to minimise or compensate you for this damage?’

The nearest their representative ever came to this, with one resident, who would have had two noisy 450’ turbines about 1000 yards from her home and garden was: ‘Well, we could give you a water feature.’ (The offer was subsequently withdrawn, presumably on the instructions of someone more senior, and the person who made it apparently rebuked for having done so).

As a member of Lauderdale Community Council I was present at most of their meetings which were attended by E.on.

I was unaware of any real interchange of views or meaningful contribution by their representatives who seemed to believe that mere attendence would be sufficient to constitute the ‘community engagement’ required by the application process.

The fact of the matter is that wind turbines are noisy, ugly industrial machines which, on practically any scale, are incompatible with human habitation.

Scottish Borders Council’s Planning Committee members are to be congratulated on their sensible and non-partisan decision. It is to be hoped that E.on will accept the clear verdict of democratically elected local councillors and not involve taxpayers in an appeal and expensive public enquiry.


Old Cottage Gardens,


Privilege to serve Eyemouth

SIR - May I through your newspaper thank the patients of Eyemouth Medical Practice who so generously contributed to my retirement present, recently presented by The League of Friends of Eyemouth Health Centre. It was a privilege to serve as a doctor in Eyemouth and I would like to thank everyone for their support.



Coffee morning

SIR,- Through your paper can we say a big thank you to all who attend our coffee morning on Saturday, September 8, for Leuchie House. The sum of £257 was raised. Thanks also to our helpers and all who handed in raffle prizes.


Callercove Way,


Generous donation

SIR, - GR8 would just like to say a big thank you to HSBC for their generous donation. We have bought lots of new toys and crafts to keep us all entertained for another year. We really appreciate it and would like just to say thank you from all the children and leaders at GR8, Greenlaw.



Boost for Eyemouth lifeboat

SIR, - On behalf of the Eyemouth RNLI lifeboat crew, I would like to thank all those who helped make our recent coffee morning such a great success, whether that be by donating raffle prizes, buying cakes and raffle tickets, or simply by having a cup of coffee. The fantastic total of £526.42 was raised for the RNLI.


Eyemouth Lifeboat Coxswain.

Best Kept War Memorials

SIR, - The results of the ‘Royal British Legion Best Kept War Memorial Competition 2012’ have now been released and I am delighted to report that the Borders area has acquitted itself very well in this national competition.

Peebles and Foulden both won first prize in their individual categories, whilst Hawick (Wilton Lodge), Jedburgh (Abbey), Kelso (Abbey), Duns, Eyemouth, Coldingham and Bonchester were ‘Highly Commended’.

My thanks to those community councils, members of the public and especially Legion members who have taken so much time and trouble to ensure that the appearance of our memorials have been kept up to such a good standard as befits our remembrance of those who did not come back.


Border Area Secretary.

Duns Summer Festival

SIR, - Might I, through your column, intimate that the Annual General Meeting for Duns Summer Festival will take place on Tuesday. October 2, at 7.30pm in The Black Bull Hotel. On another note, the Soup and Pudding Lunch, scheduled for Saturday, October 27, in Duns Legion has been cancelled. This will now take place on Saturday. November 17, in Duns Parish Church Halls. Posters will come out with more information nearer the time.



Duns Summer Festival.

Charity pamper evening

SIR, - On behalf of our committee I would like to pass on our very grateful thanks to all of you who turned up to support our pamper evening on Friday.

As always we had a fantastic support from Katy Masters - Massage Therapist (Lavender Trust), Hilary Foreman - Hilary’s, Judy Gibbs, Body Shop and Shopafrolicks, Linda Kerr, Purely Cuptastic, Catherine Bauer, Border Aromatics, Chantel Lackenby, Panache, May Anderson Cards, Pamela Purvis – Pamela’s Reiki Room, Jacqui Laidlaw – Candy Trees, Audrey Triebel, Piadara Massage, Tracy Renton - Little Popsicles, Amanda Middlemiss – Forget me not Cards. Unfortunately due to illness and injury the following three were unable to attend: Debbie Croall – Zing Health and Beauty, Susan Green – Green Massage Room and Sandra Banks (Massage).

I would also like to pass on our grateful thanks to Frances and Kirsty Stark for the donation of the beautiful hand knitted toys to sell – they were greatly admired. Thanks also to the following for donation of raffle prizes – Fantoosh, Melinda Mitchell – Total Beauty, Rachel Baxter, Sandra Banks, Susan Green – Green Massage Room and Moira Prentice, Hugos.

The Chocolate and Sweet Quiz was won by Sheena Luke and Helen Lauder, Gordon won the Dressed Doll.

Because of all your support we raised approximately £500 on the evening so thank you all once again for this.

Advance warning – our next event is our ever popular Christmas concert on Sunday, December 2, at 7pm in the Parish Church with Mulled Wine and Mince Pies for all.

Thank you all very much.


Duns Macmillan Cancer Support Committee.

Thanks from Sunrise

SIR, - Please could we say a big thank you to everyone who came to our recent coffee morning. It was a resounding success raising £355 which will really help our funds. Also a big thanks to Robertsons buses, Greenvale and Southfield who have either donated their fees or given us money for the nursery and last but not least to the kind people who have dipped into their own pockets for us.