Twelfth century Chirnside Parish Church.
Twelfth century Chirnside Parish Church.
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No longer happy in Ayton

SIR, - After reading Mr Pettitt’s letter in the Berwickshire News I realised I am not the only one who feels backed into a corner living in Ayton.

In the last few years I have been shouted at, threatened by action from police and dog wardens, called a parasite and stopped from walking down a lane I have walked for 40 years without any problem.

My dog has been attacked by other dogs with no apology from the owners.

I have always been a responsible dog owner and cleaned up after my dog - sometimes after other people’s dogs as well. It makes no difference, we are still not allowed to walk anywhere anyomre.

I have lived in Ayton all my life and always been happy here - not any more. You never know when your next telling off is coming.


Old Town,


Allan Campbell Memorial Golf Competition

SIR, - The Allan Campbell Memorial Competition in aid of Bowel Cancer UK was held on Saturday, August 18, at Duns Golf Club.

I am delighted to advise that the magnificent sum of £5,130 has been raised for this cause.

The level of generosity from everyone involved who supported the day in a variety of ways (including donations, organisers, auction/raffle purchasers, Scott’s trick shot display, etc) was amazing.

There are too many people involved to thank personally - especially as some donated anonymously - and I hope that all involved will accept my grateful thanks for their generosity and support.


Winterfield Gardens,


Grantshouse Flower Show

SIR, - On behalf of the committee for Grantshouse and District Horticultural Society I would like to thank everyone who supported our annual show held on Sunday, August 26.

Unfortunately the weather appeared to hinder our show of vegetables this year but the flower and industrial sections had good entries.

Smaller village shows are slowly disappearing so it is vital that people continue to show their support which is always greatly appreciated.

The committee invite you to come along to the AGM later in the year (exact date will be published in due time) and share your views on what you would like to see on the schedule in the future and perhaps get involved in organising the show. Opinions from younger members of the community would be particularly valued in order to keep this annual event running for many years to come.

Again, thank you to all who participated in the show and to those of you who came along in the afternoon to view the entries and have a cup of tea and a chat.



Eyemouth Lifeboat Day success

SIR, - Many thanks to all the visitors and supporters who attended Lifeboat Day in Eyemouth, helping to make it such a success despite again suffering with poor weather.

The day raised over £1,200 from the combined events and this was greatly increased by a further £400 from the collecting box in Mackay’s Fish Restaurant.

Special thanks to all the volunteers and helpers (especially the more junior members who helped count all the loose change!) who made the day go so smoothly and to Reston Concert Band who provided such marvellous entertainment.

Additionally there is a special vote of thanks to all those who gave donations and to the local businesses that gave their support in many ways, Loughs, Formans and the FMA for their contributions towards the BBQ, The Tavern for the bar equipment and for ultimately donating the refreshments, as well as Eyemouth Rib Trips, P. and J. Bouncy Castles and Giacopazzi Ice Creams.

The next event is the Garden Fete on September 29 which we hope may benefit weatherwise from an Indian Summer!


Eyemouth RNLI Fundraising Committee.

Generous gift to Seashells Nursery

SIR, - Through the pages of your newspaper Seashells Nursery staff and children would like to express their sincere thanks to the Smugglers Christmas Group for their generous donation.

The gift was a complete surprise, is very much apprciated and will be used to provide much needed resources for the benefit of the children.

Again our sincere thanks.



Eyemouth Twilight 5K raises over £730

SIR, - The first ever Twilight 5km took place in Eyemouth on Friday, August 24.

It was a walk/run in aid of The Margaret Kerr Unit at Borders General Hospital. Over 100 people took part in the event.

The first three were Gill Makura in 18m 53s, George MacMullan 18m 54s and Paul Ross 19m 4s, which were pretty good times for the hilly course.

It was not about the winning it was about the taking part and raising money for a good cause. There were girls aged 12-13 right up to the over 70’s.

Organisers David Dempster and Jo Hignet were overwhelmed with the support for the event.

The idea came about through the local Jog Scotland group which is run through Eyemouth Leisure Centre.

The runners pay £1 per night and the group thought it would be a good idea to put the money towards a local charity. We decided to choose The Margaret Kerr Unit, as I am sure we all know someone who has had cancer.

We have raised £733.50 from the event.

We have now chosen another good cause, The Katie-Lou Foundation. Katie-Lou is in hospital after an awful accident in June. Katie-Lou will need a lot of support when she comes home from hospital and we need to raise as much money as possible to help her and her family. David has chosen this charity as his daughter is friends with Katie-Lou.

The Jog Scotland Group meets on a Monday night 7.15-8pm and Wednesday morning 9.30-10.15pm at Eyemouth Leisure Centre.

It is a walk/jog group starting with walking with small bursts of running, building up each week and the aim being by ten weeks you should be able to run for 30 minutes non stop. So come along, get fit and help raise money for a good cause.

David and Jo would like to thank the following, General Mills (Berwick), The Co-operative (Eyemouth), The Tavern, Eyemouth Police and all the race marshals and everyone else who helped on the night.



Party raises cash for care unit

SIR, - May I through your newspapers say a huge thank you to everyone who attended my “birthday” party and hog roast on Sunday and very generously donated to the Margaret Kerr Palliative Care Unit at the Borders General Hospital.

We had a great day, even the weather was kind to us. Can I also thank Foremans at Norham for the hog roast - it was delicious - and to everyone who helped on the day.

I’m pleased to say that the final cheque will be for £850. So once again thank you.


Main Street,


Report confirms what many suspect

SIR, - The report by Healthcare Improvement on the treatment of the elderly in Borders General Hospital is welcome - it confirms what many of us suspect: that older people, unless they can speak up for themselves, are likely to be neglected in hospital.

What is less encouraging is the response of NHS Border chief executive, Calum Campbell. He apparently believes that “we have the processes, procedures and structures in place to provide appropriate care for our older patients.”

If that is true, why such a damning report?

Mr Campbell should understand that care is not a matter of paper plans and scribbled notes in a looseleaf binder.

It can only be delivered by a person on the spot with the resources, time, flexibility and clout to respond to the particular needs of the patient.

Certainly, there are caring people in the NHS but they are increasingly thwarted by the processes, procedures and structures laid on them by Mr Campbell’s Health Board.

He should ask them what his Health Board must do (or stop doing) to allow them to deliver the care that they alone can give.