Eyemouth road works ‘total incompetence’

SIR, - I write regarding the Eyemouth Toll Bridge and the recent road works the townspeople have been forced to put up with.

The month of traffic lights for the main body or work to be completed were bad enough as they zig zagged the pipes from one side of the main road to another then back again. But for the same company to mess up the initial job and have to return two days after finishing is total incompetence.

Yet again at a weekend when the town makes money from tourists coming into the town, the traffic lights were broken. Five sets of traffic lights all at red! On a busy Saturday morning. If you needed to get to work you had no chance.

Surley the council should keep a better check on the companies they allow to shut off a main access road to a town. The only way into Eyemouth on a Saturday morning was via Coldingham if you wanted to get to the far side of the town.

This company should be held to rights for incompetence and fined and the money given to the town for there inconvenience.

Common sense dictates that a bridge getting pipe work underneath fixed doesn’t need the main access road to an entire town shut off over the weekend when there is no work underway. Does common sense exist anywere in the local council who are supposed to avoid these types of things? Are we in for yet another summer of traffic lights?


Hurkur Crescent,


Coffee morning thanks

SIR, - On behalf of the committee of Eyemouth High School Parent Council, may I use your newspaper to thank all those who helped at, donated to and attended our recent coffee morning.

The sum of £193.34 was raised which will be used to the benefit of pupils at Eyemouth High School.



Eyemouth High School Parent Council.

Big community effort

SIR,- I wish to thank all those who have helped with the Eyemouth water safety campaign and make some proposals which I hope will be constructive.

I’d like to thank everyone who has taken time to consider the issue of water safety. I’d like to thank Scottish Borders Council for announcing a safety review in the Borders and the councillors and others who have represented our views.

I’d like to thank Scottish Borders Council for allowing us to take some interim measures while they conduct the review of safety.

There has been amazing support from the public, businesses and the media. As a result we are now able to mount six lifebelts and throwing lines with supporting signs.

We have been given generous advice from various trusts, life saving bodies and professional maritime organisations to ensure we do the best we can in the shortest possible time.

I’d like to thank all the people who have supported us. There are many of you who I can’t name at this time but will do so when this initial work is complete.

I’d like to propose, with Scottish Borders Council’s permission, that the RNLI be formally asked to conduct a risk assessment of Eyemouth beach. This is a free, non partisan service provided by the charity with immense experience of saving lives.

We aim to make Eyemouth water safety group a charitable Beach Trust to make our efforts more professional. We would work to achieve the recommendations of the RNLI risk assessment of Eyemouth beach.

The Beach Trust’s primary aim would be to try to minimise accidents and be prepared for when they do happen, promoting water safety awareness and helping to manage safety equipment.

The Beach Trust would like to work with Eyemouth Community Council, The Harbour Trust, Eyemouth Leisure Centre and other interested bodies. Our secondary aim would be to improve the beach environment. Scottish Borders Council would retain overall responsibility and contribute funding as it deemed fit.

The final aim of the Beach trust would be to act as a professional and charitable body to support those affected by accidents at the seaside. Our thoughts are particularly with both girls and their families affected by the accident in June.

Once again a grateful thank you for those supporting this campaign to make our beach a safe and enjoyable place to be.



Birgham drivers have gone under the radar

SIR,- How good it was to see so many police out and about in Coldstream and Berwick this week for the Ridings Festivities. Perhaps I could have been forgiven for thinking they no longer existed.

Now we have seen them again maybe they will do another radar check in Birgham. That is, if it is not too much trouble.

If only our new 30 mph sign erected at the East End could do “on the spot” fines, proceeds which would benefit the local community council and village. Along with the ever-increasing floral arrangements on the verges, more road safety signs could be placed up, which I was recently told by one council member could not be afforded.



Fantastic sum

SIR, - The committee of the British Heart Foundation, Eyemouth Branch, would like to thank everyone who attended their recent coffee morning in The Mason’s Hall, Eyemouth. The fantstic sum of £656 was raised and a massive thanks goes to everyone who contributed or helped in any way.



BHF Eyemouth Branch.

Another successeful Coldstream Civic Week

SIR, - Following another successful Coldstream Civic Week the Coldstream Riders Association would like to take this opportunity to thank a number of people who have supported the Coldstream rideouts and other Civic Week events.

The four ride-outs would be impossible to organise without the support and permission of the landowners and farmers whose land we cross, and also Scottish Borders Council, Lothian and Borders Police and Road Safe UK who provide aid and advice to make the rideouts safe and successful events.

I must also thank the Coldstream Guards and Coldstream pipe band for leading us in and out of the town during our festivities.

We would also like to mention the marshalls and stewards who ensured the safe running of each of the events, and particularly Kelso Mountain Rescue who provided paramedic cover to all of the four ride-outs this year.

As ever these events have relied on the support of contributors and sponsors from Coldstream and the surrounding communities and commercial sponsors who have provided equipment and resources without which the ride-outs could not occur.

I must also thank my own very hard working committee who throughout the year and not only at civic week put in a huge amount of work, a lot of it unseen, but without this commitment our equestrian events would not be able to go ahead.

Finally we would like to thank the people of Coldstream and the surrounding area, and the members of our fellow committee, Presenting Coldstream, for all of their support and encouragement during the week.

Once again thank you all for your great support.


Chairman, Coldstream Riders Association.