View of a small fort at Chesters near Greenlaw on the Marmont Estate.
View of a small fort at Chesters near Greenlaw on the Marmont Estate.
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Eyemouth allotments

SIR, - Eyegrow (Eyemouth allotments association) and all of its members would like to send out its thanks to the retired committee for all their hard work in the starting of our new allotments.

Few are aware of the time it took to set up our simple plot of land and the effort and patience it took working with local council and their departments to make it a reality. They also won an award for all from the lottery to set up our on site water.

The 2011 committee comprising of Rachael Hammond (chair) Jo Pawley (secretary) Susan Anderson (treasurer) and committee members Jennifer Clark and Susan tones (cc) stepped down in April. They have done a brilliant job of building us a secure site for the townspeople’s future. They are replaced by James Anderson (chairman) Brian Judd (secretary) Sandra Anderson (treasurer) and committee members Duncan Patton, Paul Charlwood, Mick Pawley, Amanda McNeil and Graham McNeil.

With the winding down of the high school’s horticulture department, places like our allotment site are becoming more important than ever. We have welcomed site visits from our local schools and nurseries in the last 5 months and would like to continue to offer small tours and talks on growing your own food and animal husbandry. Our contact information is on our notice board for anyone interested or our on website.

All the hard work put in is voluntary so thank you for your efforts and hard work.


Co’path Art Show

SIR, - May I, through your columns, thank the local community and visitors for their great generosity at the Cockburnspath Art Show on the weekend of July 21/22. The donations received and the commissions on sales mean we are able to give £275 each to Macmillan Cancer Support and Riding for the Disabled (Berwickshire) and a further £100 to St Helen’s Church, Cockburnspath. In addition a silent auction of ‘The Old Cart’ by David Laidlaw, held in memory of the artist, raised a further £80 for church funds.

The event was only possible because of the support of 25 local artists from Berwickshire and East Lothian, whose excellent work provided a varied show of high quality. The response to the show and the appreciative comments from visitors encourage us all to further efforts and we are sure that next year’s exhibition will be another success.



Wind farm battle at Flodden

SIR, - I feel compelled to write to inform the general public of a planning application which is due to be considered by the Northumberland planning and environment committee on August 7. The application is for two turbines in excess of 24m in height to be erected at Moneylaws Farm, Branxton, Cornhill.

The proposed site is close to the Flodden Battlefield. According to the Northumberland County Council website, there have been 40 objections to the application and five in support. The objections are based, in the main, on the adverse visual effects in relation to the Flodden site and to individuals living near to the site. The objectors claim that the photographic material contained in the application does not reflect the true impact that the turbines would have; that the noise study is flawed and that the benefits of such a development do not justify the damage that would be caused to the landscape surrounding Flodden and to the lives of people living in close proximity.

The planning officer in charge of the application has recommended approval. Apparently, in her opinion, the visual impact would not be sufficient to outweigh the benefits of the energy produced.

Firstly, the benefits are to the landowner who will receive large amounts of free electricity. Secondly, that landowner will also receive income (subsidised by you and I) on any surplus electricity he produces which is sent to the National Grid.

The agents for the application claim that the visual impact is reduced because there are electricity pylons crossing the area surrounding the site. This calls to mind the defence used in court by hooligans ie. it was trashed already; doesn’t matter if we trash it some more.

The planning officer’s report, dated July 25, 2012, states that there was “No Response” from English Heritage. In fact, a response was received on July 17, 2012 by the planning department in which they stated that the process used to judge the likely impact of the development on the Flodden site was flawed because the applicants had not followed the code of assessment laid down by English Heritage.

However, the single aspect which I find the most disturbing is the total disregard for the rights of individuals living nearest to the turbine site. East Moneylaws Cottages are situated only 410m from the site. The turbines will be situated on higher ground above the cottages. 500m distance is considered by some in the wind farm industry to be acceptable, while many authorities insist on 1000m minimum separation. To expect anyone to live with, not only one, but two turbines towering above their home is totally unacceptable. When one considers all the uninhabited space there is in Northumberland, the East Moneylaws site cannot possibly be considered as an appropriate site for two turbines.

I only hope that the members of the planning committee are aware of all the issues surrounding this application and come to a sensible conclusion.


Woodside Farm


Coldstream coffee morning success

SIR, - Through the columns of your newspaper the committee of Coldstream Football Club wish to express their grateful thanks to all those who contributed, helped and supported our coffee morning held in the British Legion Club on Saturday, July 21.

The sum of £305.90 was raised and will be of great assistance to us in the week to week running of the club.

A special word of thanks is due to Coldstream coffee morning stalwarts Ann Hogg and Wilma Purves for making the coffee in their usual efficient manner.



Coldstream FC.

St Abbs RNLI thanks for braving the downpours

SIR, I would like to thank everyone who helped make our annual Gala Day a success. Despite the rain we still raised £2,751.

A big thank you to everyone who donated, entertained, supported and helped in any way, especially to all those who braved the torrential downpours!

Thank you and well done everyone.


St Abbs

Coldstream Guides

SIR, - On behalf of Coldstream Guides, I would like to thank everyone very much for their support on Saturday at our coffee morning. We raised an amazing £321.

Thank you very much to everyone who gave raffle prizes and cake and candy, and helped in any way on the morning. We really appreciate this boost to our funds.


Guide Guider

Lennel Mount


Well done Norham!!

SIR, - Weather forecasts don’t matter too much when you visit a Norham Garage Sale because the warmth and free flowing hospitality of the village folk provided generous compensation for summer showers.

Spontaneous neighbourliness will always be a trait to be treasured. Bank bonuses are feeble recompense when weighed in the balance against a priceless welcoming spirit.

It was a joy to Visit the villge on Sunday. Truly there is such a thing as ‘Society’. Nourishing ‘community spirit’ is a worthy aspiration and Norham folk clearly knowknow how it is done


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