A1 junction

SIR, - While this isn’t a newly raised topic, it was good to see that our MSP has seen fit to make noises about the Eyemouth/A1 junction and the lack of site illumination thereat.

This point was raised at both of the seasonal closures of Balabraes bridge for the snowy winters of 2009-10, a display of exquisite timing by the Roads mob.

Can anyone in authority, at local or higher level, give an explanation as to why there is no lighting at this junction, or the north end of Ayton bypass, or Heughhead Smiddy (aka Reston junction) while Burnmouth and Houndwood resemble motorway service areas by comparison.

We’ve tholed this lack of attention for far too long, but then we’re a long way from both St Boswells and Holyrood and too near the Border to be bothered about.


Prenderguest, Ayton.