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Chirnside Parish Church
Chirnside Parish Church

Allan Brown captured dusk descending on Chirnside Parish Church.

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Alex Salmond and Kenny MacAskill are old innovators of the republican Scottish National Party (since 1979).

Together, and later with Nicola Sturgeon, they have always been far-left, extreme Scottish nationalists, bent on destroying any other political party of the day that threatened their cosy existence.

But now things are changing. Conservatives are getting very close to power in Scotland and Labour are following behind – one or other could seize power at the next election.

Salmond has never forgiven his defeat in the Gordon constituency and has found a possible alternative for his attention-seeking control.

Via a Norwegian activist who is a 20% shareholder of Johnston Press, which owns The Scotsman newspaper, he has applied for the position of chairman. Much more power here than his obvious obscurity before in Westminster (and plenty of room for SNP media republican bias), plus his new TV programme on Russia Today, a station founded by Vladimir Putin for Russian propaganda purposes.

Sturgeon is well aware of Salmond’s attempt (now as a non-elected politician) to make a name for himself elsewhere – but why Russian TV? Because their politics are almost identical to his extreme, left-wing, anti-monarchy republicanism. The perfect platform to attract young minds in Scotland for the next election (Sturgeon will have this in mind ).

This is a much more powerful position than being First Minister, because he has no constituents to please every five minutes and can run “The Alex Salmond Show” (maybe as a comedian).

Paul Singleton

Main Street



Eyemouth and District Chamber of Trade would like to give a big thanks to all the local businesses, residents and community groups who helped make our Late Night Shopping Event on November 23 such a huge success.

Thanks to your generosity we have raised more than £300 towards the Christmas lights fund and will continue to collect over the Christmas period. There are six collection boxes located in Eyemouth (Giacopazzis, library, golf club, Rialto cafe, Co-op and general store) and further fundraising planned for the new year to maintain the current lights and hopefully add to the display in 2018.

Please give what you can – every little does help.

Marina Kerr


Eyemouth and District

Chamber of Trade


On behalf of the Eyemouth Royal British Legion Poppy Team, may I say a big thank-you to everyone who supported us this year, all the pubs, shops and banks, not forgetting the schools.

Thanks also to everyone who helped with this year’s Poppy coffee morning that began our appeal, and to all those who came along to our Remembrance Sunday service and contributed to our church collection. After our memorial service we were treated to teas and refreshments at the Dolphin Hotel – my sincere thanks to Danny and his staff for the fantastic buffet. It was very much appreciated on such a cold day.

I would also like to add a special thanks to our volunteer street collectors who go door-to-door. Each year your combined collections add significantly to our total, and this year, like many before, it accounts for more than a quarter of our final tally.

While the Poppy collection is only over the space of a couple of weeks, there are so many people involved that it would be impossible to mention each and every one by name.

But I must stress that it is only with the combined efforts of everyone that the RBL Poppy appeal, which is there “serving those who serve”, manages to raise what it does, which this year is an amazing £3,421.35.

Finally though, as always, my sincere thanks to the local people themselves for their continued generosity and support for the Poppy appeal, without which it would surely fail.

Keith Fisackerly


On behalf of the Duns branch of the Royal British Legion Scotland, I would like to thank everybody who supported our coffee morning last Saturday – we raised the goodly sum of £206 which will be used for charitable purposes.

My thanks are also due to the usual team of helpers for their time and effort, and for the generous donations to the raffle given by private individuals and businesses in Duns, especially Romanes, Fish & Fine Foods and Border Baguettes.

Donald Stokes

(branch chairman)


Last week’s letters pages made extremely depressing reading.

We had 428 words from J. Fairgrieve who derided Paul Singleton for being “optimistic” for the future of the United Kingdom, now that Brexit talks are taking off.

Now he doesn’t “do” optimism, so, at great length, came up with numerous, self-perceived reasons to be classed as downright pessimistic. Then, finally ending his tirade, he unsurprisingly advocated that “independence” would be our only saviour.

By now, totally depressed, I read the 445-word letter from Richard Walthew.

I was treated to another tirade of how Brexit was going to be a disaster, the end of the world was nigh etc.

Again, to solve all these problems, “independence “ was the only answer.

Do these people spend their entire lives, along with your Cleggs, Cables and Blairs, praying for Brexit to fail? Can they not comprehend that any failure will indirectly impact on Scotland, and going cap-in-hand to a dysfunctional European Union is just a dream too far?

In closing, can I urge them to try, for once, to think positive, support the majority and hope it’s a success for all of the UK, and not wish for failure.

Graham Holford



I read recently in your sister title, The Southern Reporter, that the White Swan pub in Kelso was to be renamed The Tipsy Ghillie.

I find this a rather odd choice of names as the Tweed does not have ghillies – it has boatmen.

Perhaps The Boozy Boatman would have been a better choice.

Francis Smail



This Christmas, why not support the Royal National Institute of Blind People (RNIB) – a charity close to my heart – and in a way that won’t cost you a penny.

All you have to do is collect used stamps from your cards and parcels.

Your old stamps will be recycled and transformed into much-needed funds to help even more people with sight loss access the information, support and advice they need.

And with millions of cards and parcels sent during the run-up to Christmas each year, why not ask your friends, family or work colleagues to get involved as well?

Simply visit or call 01413 289357 to request your pre-paid envelopes.

You’ll then be able to send your stamps off to RNIB in the post.

Every day 250 people will begin to lose their sight and many face a future without any help or support.

By supporting RNIB this Christmas, you can help change this and give people with sight loss the gift of a brighter future.

Amanda Holden

(RNIB supporter)