Young people’s voices should be heard

Berwick Youth Group. Interview with John Day.
Berwick Youth Group. Interview with John Day.
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WHEN Borders Young People’s Champion, Councillor John Paton-Day, visited Eyemouth High School for an award ceremony, two pupils also took the opportunity to interview about his job.

Aaron Bolton and Katie Dyson discovered that John’s role is to represent young people in the council when they are making decisions on issues that will affect young.

He said that he felt that young people need a champion because they have a huge part in the future, that their voices should be heard and it’s his job to make that happen.

John was keen to take up the role because he feels “it is a very valuable” job and believes that young people don’t get heard enough.

“Young peoples voices are important and should be heard, ” he said.

Councillor John Paton-Day was elected to Scottish Borders Council in 2007 and took over as children’s champion from Councillor Frances Renton when she moved to the role of council’s spokesperson for social work.

John is continuing the work started by Frances and he is keen to see young people going along to committee meetings and getting involved in decisions that affect them - getting their voices heard.

What John does is what young people ask him to do; he will try hard to campaign for your ideas and will stand up for young people.

John encourages Young People to communicate with him on Facebook and you can email him at also you can phone him on 01835 – 824000.

The Youth Information agents would like to thank John for talking to them about his job.