Yes we Khan! Trio take on Mongol Rally

Josh Hebdon, Muir Gibb and David Munroe.
Josh Hebdon, Muir Gibb and David Munroe.

Three adventurers from Berwickshire are putting the final plans in place for a seven week charity rally over two continents.

Muir Gibb, from Duns, Josh Hebdon, form Leitholm and Dave Munroe, who now lives in Edinburgh, have shared their sense of adventure since they met at school.

And now they are preparing to drive from Sussex to Mongolia, a journey of nearly 10,000 miles, to raise money for the Borders General Hospital.

“The Mongol Rally is something that I’ve wanted to do ever since it started a decade ago,” said Dave.

“We’re setting off from Goodwood, where we’ll do a lap of the racecourse along with 250 other cars.”

Their course will take them through France and Switzerland, and eastern Europe.

Then, says Dave, “We cross into Asia by going basically the whole length of Turkey.

“After that, it’s all the ‘stans - Tajikistan, Kyrgyzstan, Kazakhstan, and then we nip into Russia for a little bit, before ending up in Mongolia.”

The three are doing all this in a one litre Nissan Micra as per the competition’s rules.

The car will be auctioned off after the race, when Dave goes back to work, and Muir and Josh keep on travelling, heading for New Zealand.

“Josh has been given the mechanical duties, so he’s busy swotting up on the workings of the Micra as we speak.”

Dave has actually been to the remote, landlocked country, before, but joked that he hadn’t seen anywhere else around it as he flew, on his travels before university.

Looking over their itinerary, he added: “It’s probably the Iranian leg that is trickiest to arrange.

“We needed to get eight visas, mainly for the ‘stans and Russia.

“But in Iran we have to travel with an armed guard, as well.”

The trio have already raised the entrance money for the rally’s official charity, Cool Earth, which works to help indigenous people in endangered rainforests. Now they are looking to raise more funds for a cause closer to home - Friends of the BGH.

“The Borders General was what we chose,” said Dave, “because Josh and Muir were born there, and I’ve been in for various things over the years. They’re raising funds for a mobile neonatal scanner and a bladder scanner just now, so we thought it would be great of we could help them out.”

To make a donation, visit the boys’ dedicated page at