Workshop’s first kilt fit for pressing engagement

SBBN-19-02-15 Kilt making 2
SBBN-19-02-15 Kilt making 2

Duns’ kilt workshop, Border Kilt Craft, at Mount Pleasant, has celebrated its first graduation.

The workshop, set up by Rachel Hammerton last year, is one of the few traditional kilt makers left in Scotland.

Shona Redpath successfully completed her first kilt last Friday. Tutor Rachel hammerton said: “It has been beautifully made, under the instruction and supervision of Ann Campbell, our Master Kiltmaker, and will be worn by Shona’s prospective son-in-law at his wedding in the summer.

“As he doesn’t have a family tartan, he chose the Blue Thomson; this successfully combines the colours of the bridesmaids’ dresses and the football team he supports!” Shona’s effort was given a traditional final pressing, under a heavy medieval flagstone. Students’ names will be engraved on it as they graduate.

The rest of the inaugural class will finish their first kilts in the next two weeks, and a second course will begin in March.