Women’s Convention to host Eyemouth event

Scottish Women's Convention Banner
Scottish Women's Convention Banner
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An organisation is arriving in Eyemouth to give local women the chance to have their views heard on employment, education, health, finance.

The Scottish Women’s Convention (SWC) is visiting The Ship Hotel, Harbour Road, on Tuesday, July 2, from 11.30am to 2.30pm.

Local women are being invited to go along and share what is happening in their area and what problems are at the forefront of their minds.

By listening to local women, the SWC can provide a unique response on a number of key issues affecting the women of Scotland. This means that the government is able to hear the voices of females from right across the country.

The convention say that by going along to one of their events people are able to have an impact of key policy decisions which affect their day-to-day life.

Agnes Tolmie, the SWC chair, said: “It is vital that, during this time of austerity and budget cuts, the concerns of women are listened to by politicians.

“Women are losing their jobs, local services are being cut or withdrawn and women are being asked to contribute more by filling gaps through volunteering.

“Women account for 50 per cent of Scotland’s adult population, yet decision makers forget the impact on women when drafting policy.

“The Scottish Women’s Convention provides a vital role in ensuring local women have a voice and a link with political discussion.”

To register for the event, email info@scottishwomensconvention.org or ring 0141 339 4797.