Woman’s view of the battle

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The first performance of ‘Red Rose, White Rose’, a theatre production interwoven with 16th century music that depicts the Battle of Flodden from a woman’s perspective, takes place at Paxton House next month.

Writer Vivien Jones has created a dramatic reading of an imagined exchange between two striking renaissance women on the night before the battle of Flodden in 1513, which is taken from her book of short stories ‘White Poppies’.

The story tells of the wife and sometime mistress of James IV sharing the experience of loving a powerful man - Margaret’s currency is her fertility, Janet’s her undemanding demeanour - both stand to lose much as men all over Scotland go to battle on the bare moor of Flodden with their king. In the meantime the women are comforted by music that expresses their fleeting joys and sorrows.

The performance takes place on May 5 and includes 16th century music performed by Mary Smith, Joanne McKay, Richard and Vivien Jones.