Winter wonderland Highland wedding for Eyemouth couple

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WITH the whole of the UK under a blanket of snow, football matches, concerts and various festive events fell victim to the elements, but although it was touch and go, there was no stopping one Eyemouth couple from becoming husband and wife.

Dave and Lucy Young originally booked a trip to Aviemore to celebrate Lucy’s 30th birthday but after being together for 13 years and having two children, they thought it would present them with the perfect opportunity to get married.

So with outfits sorted, venue booked and registar organised, they spent all of November trying to keep their secret from family and friends.

Unfortunately as December arrived so did even more snow and it looked like their secret wedding could well be in jeopardy.

The happy couple set off for Aviemore from Berwick on Thursday but rather than champagne and chocolates, were greeted by tonnes of snow when they arrived up north.

And on waking up on their wedding day to find even more snow had fallen, it looked like there might not be any vows taken.

Aviemore got the worst of the blizzards going into Friday, December 3, and after trains were cancelled between Aviemore and Inverness, where Dave and Lucy had planned to get married, it looked like cold water had been poured on their big day.

But they say things happen for a reason and the couple most definitely had luck on their side as the Inverness registrar did some rearranging, found someone in Aviemore to take over the duties and even at such short notice rustled up a replacement venue, the Cairngorm Hotel.

And although there was most definitely more than a few wedding jitters with all the carry on, Dave and Lucy were able to enjoy their wedding and both were full of praise for those who rallied to help things go ahead.

Lucy said: “As last week went on everyone was going on about the weather and were wondering if we’d even make it up there.

“With no-one knowing that we were going to get married we couldn’t tell them all why we couldn’t cancel on our plans.

“So we got on the train to Berwick just hoping that there weren’t going to be too many problems.

“Unfortunately when we got off the train at Aviemore there was loads of snow and it got worse on Thursday night.

“When the trains got cancelled to Inverness on Friday my heart sank but just as we waiting for a replacement coach we got a phone call from the registrar to say that we could get married in Aviemore.

“It’s thanks to everyone’s kindness and generosity that we still got to have our wedding. Our two witnesses were the Cairngorm Hotel’s general manager and another member of staff.

“I am normally quite a cynical person and I think people will only help if there’s something in it for them. But now if I ever say that again I want people to remind me of my wedding day.

“The only bad thing was that I ended up getting married in winter boots!”

And despite one of Dave’s own surprises being spoilt because of the weather, he said he had a fantastic day.

“I’d arranged for two friends to come and be our witnesses but when we were sitting on the train on the way up to Aviemore I received a text saying that they wouldn’t be able to make it.

“I’d organised with the registar for them to take part and with them not turning up I had visions of us having to drag people in off the street!

“There was a bit sports centre right next to where we were meant to be getting married in Inverness and I thought we’d end up with two people standing there in their footy shorts!

“On Friday morning we really didn’t know if the wedding would go ahead and when we got the phone call to say that things had been arranged for us to get married in Aviemore, Lucy burst into tears, I think it was just overwhelming relief. As a proud Scotsman I couldn’t have picked a better venue. The room in the Cairngorm had tartan wallaper, a stag’s head on the wall and a roaring fire; it was just perfect.

“One of my mates had actually offered to take us up to Inverness in his van but had to cancel at the last minute. If he didn’t we would never have had the wedding we did. I think it was just fate the way things happened the way they did.”

It’s not just ‘The Berwickshire News’ that have been interested in Dave and Lucy’s story, Lucy said the newlyweds had become “the talk of the slopes” in Aviemore and since tying the knot they have appeared in a number of newspapers.

“We were treated like local celebrities at the weekend,” she said.

“This woman came up to me and said we’d been the talk of the slopes.

“And the hotel said there’d been some interest from the press so we ended up in the local paper up there, had a long column in the Highland Journal and were even in the Scottish Sun.

Dave added: “I even had a phone call from the News of the World but I didn’t notice a story about us when I went through it on Sunday- it must have been old news by then!

“Everyone seemed to know about us. We got free taxi rides and free drinks, it was absolutely amazing!”

After being kept in the dark about the whole thing, and having no idea about all the frantic re-arranging that needed to be done, Dave and Lucy’s friends and family are shocked but thrilled that the wedding happened, well all apart from Dave’s dad.

But that’s not because he wasn’t happy for his son and new daughter-in-law, it’s because at the time of going to press, he still didn’t know!

Dave added: “Everyone was totally overwhelmed when we got back home and announced that we were married. Unfortunately my dad still doesn’t know.

“He’s a North Sea fisherman and he has a really bad signal when he’s out on the boats. I’ve left him a message and I just hope he gets it before he comes back home. I wouldn’t want him finding out from someone else!”

After having a white wedding by all accounts, it would be quite fitting for Dave and Lucy to spent their honeymoon skiing but Dave said when the time comes he thinks they’ll plump for somewhere a bit warmer.

He added: “With the trip up north originally meant to be for Lucy’s 30th we never actually got round to organising a honeymoon. Hopefully we’ll get to somewhere hot next year though!”