Winfield loft and pigeon racing plans

Scottish One Loft Racing hope to have a pigeon loft for up to 500 racing pigeons at Winfield airstrip near Paxton.

They have put in a planning application to Scottish Borders Council for the Winfield site.

The pigeon loft would be stocked with birds in March via courier twice a week.

The birds will remain in the loft during the summer and by September 50 per cent of them will be auctioned off.

According to the applicant the loft will be virtually empty during the winter months until the cycle re-starts the following March.

The Winfield airstrip was chosen because of its rural location, its good access links from Berwick, Chirnside, Duns and Coldstream and also the fact that there are few domestic buildings nearby.

There has been some confusion as to who should have been notified about the planning application and the chairman of Edrom, Allanton and Whitsome Community Council, Derek Russell, has recently highlighted the application and the fact that few people seem to know about it.

“We are concerned that little or no information about this has been put out to local residents to date,” said Mr Russell, adding that if anyone wants to comment on the application they only have until, Friday, December 13, to do so.”