Wind farm project delayed for lambing

Rebecca Mickleburgh, Project Manager at Banks Renewables, with some affectionate sheep dog
Rebecca Mickleburgh, Project Manager at Banks Renewables, with some affectionate sheep dog

The next stage of the

Quixwood Moor windfarm project has been delayed to avoid any disruption to lambing season.

The planning application for the site from Banks Renewables was approved earlier this month by Scottish Borders Council, but the next stage of the ongoing community engagement in this project will be postponed to accommodate the needs of the local farming calendar.

Phil Dyke, director at the Hamiton-based firm, commented: “Obtaining planning permission has been a massive milestone for us and obviously we are all keen to take the wind farm project to the next stage.

“But we immediately realised that we were at the start of the lambing season, which is hugely important to the local community. It’s a demanding and exhausting time for the farming community across the Scottish Borders.

“We have always listened to local communities, so we’d be failing them if we didn’t pay attention to one of the most important periods in the local calendar.

“It’s natural that after the years of hard work that have gone in to getting the wind farm approved, our team is enthusiastic to start the next phase of work. But we’re happy to put that on hold so the lambing season can pass smoothly.

“We are hoping that will give local people and businesses the time they need, so that they are in the best possible frame of mind when we start the next phase of community consultation.”

The first meeting with two local community councils - one representing Grantshouse, the other covering Abbey St Bathans, Preston and Bonkyl - will now be scheduled for late May.

From there, Banks Renewables hopes to arrange a series of regular community updates to discuss the construction process, access to the site and the mechanism for administration of the community’s share of the annual income generated.