‘Win or bust year’ for the Coldingham Hall theatre

Tweed River Jazz Band at Coldingham Hall
Tweed River Jazz Band at Coldingham Hall

When it plays host to a packed house, Coldingham Hall theatre is a place buzzing with atmosphere but the problem is that this isn’t happening enough.

Over the past few years the refurbished building has played host to popular Borders acts Scocha and The Sorries.

Whilst the former could have sold out the venue twice over, when the latter returned for a second performance the audience was far less than expected.

And now hall committee chair Dave Jones is calling on people to use the facility before they lose it.

“I have agents contacting me to bring touring shows to Coldingham all the time,” he told ‘The Berwickshire’.

“But this will only happen once if I don’t get an audience in. I’ll lose that agent and he’ll more than likely mention to others about poor attendance.

“People need to realise that when we push all the buttons. This place is a lot more than just a village hall.

“Unlike other arts venues we’re not in a position to pay acts up front so we rely on ticket sales to make money.”

Trying not to be too despondent Dave has already filled the theatre’s diary full with talented acts for the coming months but he recognises that things are fast approaching the make or break stage.

“We have got ourselves a quality facility here with internationally renowned acts lined up

“But this is a win or bust year as far as I’m concerned. I’m willing to give it my all but people need to start coming to events.”