Willie and Dottie - Westruther’s much loved characters

Scarecrows outside The Old Thistle Inn at Westruther
Scarecrows outside The Old Thistle Inn at Westruther

Westruther Willie, the work of Lucille Murray Fenton has been sitting in front of The Old Thistle Inn for the last three years and has proved a great attraction. His lonely vigil of guarding the inn is now over as he’s been joined by Dottie, complete with peas in a colander, ruffled cap and bloomers - also courtesy of Lucille.

Such is the appeal of Willie and Dottie people passing through the village and stop and take photos and selfies and Angela McCall of The Old Thistle Inn, said: “Lucille Murray Fenton certainly created a great village character, if he is not on his usual bench people ask where he is and when he will be back. He only really comes in during winter months and extremely wet weather.

“Lucille thought with floral gateway competition coming around again it would be nice to give Willie some company and created Dottie.

“The work that has gone on in the village has been exceptional, a real community pull together. The weeding, sweeping, mowing and planting has been going on for months and we can now stand back and feel proud of our achievements, although a little more sunshine would have helped.”

Judges for the Scottish Borders Council floral gateway competition visited Westruther last week and Willie and Dottie were the in pride of place.