Who knew a car crash could be this funny?

MsFits production of Women on the Verge of a T-Junction at Bowhill, Selkirk
MsFits production of Women on the Verge of a T-Junction at Bowhill, Selkirk

MsFits Theatre Company bring their hilarious new show to Bowhill House, Selkirk on Saturday, November 26.

Join the endearing Fiona Knowles, as she plays all three characters in Women on the Verge of a T-Junction, a drama of mistakes, muddles and life decisions by three women from three different generations, all with different agendas.

One lapse in concentration leads to an accident at a T-junction - but who is to blame?

Not Bessie, who at 82 might have trouble seeing over the steering wheel now, but in the war she drove four-wheel drives over the minefields.

Not Liz, who at 63 is on her way to her fifth driving test, but this time she HAS to pass! She’s forgotten she’s just a learner and is in the car alone.

Not Ellie, the youngest at 38, who has a mobile phone stuck to her ear, but she is a woman who can multi-task.

All are headed for a collision that will change their lives and seriously damage their rear view mirrors!

Knowles plays the characters with a lightness of touch that engenders sympathetic amusement and wry smiles from the female members of the audience, but is also sure make men chuckle. The post-accident chaos and confusion is fertile ground for comedy. Who knew a car crash could be so funny?

Written by Rona Munro, the play is brought to life by Fiona Knowles’ excellent portrayal of the three characters. The Scottish duo have already had roaring successes with plays such as Fur Coat and Magic Knickers and Women Behaving Badly.

The intimate Bowhill Theatre, with its 72 seats, is an ideal location for this play. Helen Currie, house and events manager at Bowhill, said: “Our theatre may be small, but the shows on our programme are great quality big-hitters. Bowhill Theatre is a hidden gem that offers visitors the unique chance to get as close as possible to the performance – perfect for true theatre aficionados.”

Performance starts at 8pm. Tickets are £12 for adults and £10 for under 16s. An optional pre-theatre supper is available at 6.30pm for £13. For more information visit www.bowhillhouse.co.uk/events.