Whitsome Ark project among grant winners

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Whitsome Village Hall committee has been given £17,361 from the Landfill Communities Fund to complete the ground development around the hall.

The Whitsome Ark was completed in 2006 but the external areas had to be completed with a temporary finish so that the available funds could be directed to the building itself.

General wear and tear, plus weather now means that a permanent solution needs to be found for the outside area.

This phase 1 project will remove the temporary surface, re-grade the area to ensure adequate drainage, reset and replace kerbing, resurface with paviours and provide additional, multi-use, hardstanding areas.

An application to the National Lotteries Awards for All as a contribution towards the cost was refused resulting in the committee applying to the Landfill Communities Fund, allocated by Scottish Borders Council, for the full costs of the work.

At Tuesday’s meeting of the SBC’s executive councillors approved the grant for the work at Whitsome Hall, plus £16,125 for St Boswells Village Hall, phase 3 refurbishment. A application for £15,050 for window restoration work at Our Lady & St Andrews, Catholic Church, Galashiels, was deferred.

Tax on landfill waste was introduced in 1996 as an incentive to reduce the amount of landfill waste and to promote a more environmentally sustainable methods of waste management.

Operators of landfill sites (the council) contribute money to enrolled environmental bodies (such as Berwickshire Community Council Forum Environmental) to carry out projects that meet the the Landfill Tax Regulations criteria.