What has been going on to date

Things are about to happen in Eyemouth and everyone is being given their chance to have their say about how they see the town’s future.

By The Newsroom
Thursday, 13th February 2014, 4:32 am
'A vision for Eyemouth'
'A vision for Eyemouth'

For two years now a wide range of groups and organisations who want to see the town flourish have been meeting regularly to draw up a blue-print on how to breathe new life into the town and now it’s your turn.

A series of public meetings are kicking off this week-end, to show residents the visionary plan that is starting to come together. All three drop-in sessions - Saturday, February 15, Saturday, February 22, and Saturday, March 1 - are being held in the town’s Hippodrome (the old Fishermen’s Mission building) from 10am to 1pm and everyone is encouraged to go along and add their ideas to the Eyemouth vision.

Scottish Borders Council has produced a framework document setting out the ideas and aspirations of the town based on the input of its many groups and agencies.

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Chair of Eyemouth Town Council, Barbara Prater, explained: “What we are doing at the Hippodrome events is showing where we are in the process of ‘making things happen’.

“We are following a path which we hope will lead to achieving the objectives we decided, following an initial workshop of representatives from the harbour trust, chamber of trade, community trust, community council, Berwickshire Housing Association, diving organisations, harbour master, SBC and other interested parties.

“These objectives were lack of signage to our town from the A1, and indeed mention of Eyemouth on signage approaching the Borders in either direction; we need to market the town to encourage tourism, look for ways of providing designated parking spaces for camper vans, improve the promotion of businesses in the town by putting town maps with business locations in our existing car parks - and we need to find ways to fund this.

“We are looking at ways to bring members of the community together on community days where we could all join together in an advertised activity. It was agreed that we needed to allow as many of the townsfolk as possible to see what Eyemouth has achieved to date and check these future ideas and plans which the ‘Vision for Eyemouth’ group has.

“We want to know that we are going in the right direction with what we are planning to do and the only way to find that out is to ask everyone.

“I believe there are about 3500 people who might have a view on what we are planning to do, but unless they come along how will they know about it? This is their opportunity to share their own dreams and aspirations for the town.

“Once we have run the three sessions we will look at what the people of Eyemouth have suggested and move forward with that in mind, which is why I cannot repeat enough that we really want to see everyone at the Hippodrome to tell us what they think.”

The lack of signage on the A1 is already being addressed and ‘Vision for Eyemouth’ have already started discussions with BEAR, the company responsible for looking after Scotland’s trunk roads, to try and improve it.