Welcome change to energy bills

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Borders MP Michael Moore has welcomed Ofgem’s proposed reforms of the energy market to introduce simpler tariffs and clearer bills for customers.

Under the reforms consumers will get a clearer choice than the 400 tariffs currently available, and each supplier will be required to offer one standard tariff for each payment type. Ofgem will set the standing charge and suppliers will only be able to change the unit price, which means that consumers will be able to compare prices easily.

Mr Moore said: “Customer confidence in the energy market has been damaged over recent years as a result of price rises and increasingly confusing bills.

“Suppliers have indicated their desire to increase consumer confidence and these reforms offer them an opportunity to do so by offering simpler tariffs and enabling new competitors to enter the market.

“People across the Borders are struggling with high energy price rises so I look forward to the implementation of these reforms to provide customers with a better, fairer, cheaper deal.

“This Thursday I will be chairing an energy summit with suppliers and consumer groups to discuss the current rise in energy prices and how we can better support those in fuel poverty.”