Amber weather warning

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Amber and yellow weather warnings for rain remain in place for Berwickshire, today, Thursday, June 13, with flood warnings issued for Preston to Paxton and Grantshouse to Eyemouth.

Scottish Borders Council’s emergency planners said: “As predicted we have seen quite heavy rain in the Lammermuir and Cheviot areas and all roads in the region are affected by standing water but there are no road closures at this time.

“The heavy rain is predicted to continue until lunchtime but should lighten through the afternoon. Our main areas of concern remain in Berwickshire and we are closely monitoring the Whiteadder, Blackadder and River Eye. These rivers will continue to rise into the early afternoon and if your property is adjacent to these rivers then you should remain vigilant and ensure you have made preparations. Sandbags are available from local fire stations and community stores if required.

“For the rest of the region it is an improving picture as the day progresses and the weekend is looking drier with isolated showers.

“Further updates will be issued through local radio and our social media channels.”