Weather was out of tune with Eyemouth Fisherman’s Choir’s plans last winter

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Eyemouth Fisherman’s Choir AGM was held on Tuesday last when there was a good turnout of members who were welcomed by vice chairman Walter Hay in the absence of club chairman David Woodhouse.

In his opening remarks Walter made reference to the loss of one of the choir’s faithful members Frank Dorward who passed away in the last year. Frank was a shining example of someone overcoming adversity and was rarely missing from practices and concerts even in the worst of the winter weather. Frank will be missed by all members of the choir.

The chairman reported that the choir had a reasonable year, although frustrated by the winter weather which caused the cancellation of the annual Christmas carol concert, after practicing for the autumn session and not being able to perform was very disappointing.

The choir’s treasurer reported that the finances were in a reasonable state in spite of the fact that there was no revenue from the Christmas concert but a few generous donations had kept the funds on an even keel.

The choir conductor Cecilia Lough gave a brief report and stressed the importance of regular attendance from the men. She also appealed to any old member to think about coming back to the choir and of course any new members would be most welcome as it is becoming more difficult to get a balance with the shortage of voices from different sections.

Duncan Donaldson, the choir’s librarian, stated that the re-organisation of the library was nearing completion which would be a great asset enabling the music to be brought out into circulation much quicker.

Office bearers were elected as follows: chairman Walter Hay, vice chairman Ranald Wylie, Secretary Sandra Nisbet, treasurer Alex Gilchrist. Other offices no change with the addition of a music committee comprising of a member from each section.

Dates for concerts were discussed and the chairman thought that the choir should advertise itself more and look favourably on any invitations received for the choir to give concerts, providing reasonable costs were covered.

The chairman was thanked at the close of the meeting and pies and peas were served and enjoyed by all.