WATCH: Terminal cancer victim does a sky dive

Dave Lindsay is certainly a fighter. Despite being told he only had only months to live, he was brave enough to dive out of a plane at 10,000 feet.

Now, he is hoping to stay alive long enough to witness Scotland vote for independence.

David Lindsay skydive

David Lindsay skydive

Dave, who is in his 50s, completed the daring stunt at the end of last month in aid of cancer charity The Difference, who have been a big support for him and his family during a difficult and very sad time for them.

Unfortunately for Dave, the highs of completing the jump were dealt a blow a few weeks later when he learned that his cancer had spread further. Doctors have told him they can’t do any more.

But he is able to celebrate the fact that his bravery and the kindness of his sponsors allowed him to hand over a cheque for £1291 to The Difference earlier this week.

“I was determined I was going to do it and I did,” he told us. “It went so quickly; you didn’t really have time to think about it.

“I would’ve felt a fraud if I didn’t. I don’t think the guys at the parachute club knew how bad I was or I’m not sure they would’ve let me jump.

“I’m delighted to be able to give the money to The Difference as they’ve been a massive help.”

The Difference were equally thrilled by Dave’s tremendous donation. Fundraising officer Morven Paterson commented: “We are very lucky to have people like Dave raising money for us.

“All the money raised will go on improving patient care so essentially our fundraisers are helping others.”

The skydive was one of a number of things on Dave’s bucket list. He ticked another off at the weekend after travelling down to London to lay some flowers at his mother’s grave.

During a packed few days, Dave also took a ride on the 
London Eye and went to the London bus museum– a real highlight given that he used to be a bus driver himself.

“Now I just want to see Scotland get independence!” he added.