WATCH: Butcher creates scotch creme egg

Easter may not be marked on the calendar for its culinary treats, but a Duns butcher’s shop is doing its best to change that.

Foston’s Fine Meat’s latest experimental effort involves a scotch egg, with the twist being that a whole Cadbury’s Creme Egg forms the centre.

The 'creme egg scotch egg' being sold by Fostons Fine Meats'Ruth McIntosh, Greig Foston and Benjamin Webb

The 'creme egg scotch egg' being sold by Fostons Fine Meats'Ruth McIntosh, Greig Foston and Benjamin Webb

So far – and it is the early stages for this dish – the ‘deluxe’ Scotch egg has been served warm, with the fondant and chocolate melting in a casing of sweet chilli-flavoured sausage meat.

Owner Greig Foston says that he and Benjamin Webb are the dastardly minds behind the project, and revealed that they weren’t resting on their laurels.

“We just like food, and thinking of all the different combinations,” he said.

“It’s just a case of experimenting and enjoying it. We thought we’d come up with something for Easter, so we wanted somehow to combine meat and chocolate.

“We just love thinking about these things and experimenting”

Greig Foston

“Now we’re working on a similar kind of thing, a Mini Egg sausage. That would work well, I think, with plain sausage meat, and letting the chocolate melt inside the sugar casings of the egg.”

Another stroke of genius the pair came up with was so Scottish it hurts: Irn Bru sausages.

Greig went on: “This is the most out there thing we’ve done, although while Wimbledon was on we had some strawberry pork sausages as well.

The Berwickshire News took advantage of a queue of Duns schoolchildren lining up for their lunch to carry out some old-fashioned taste-testing.

And we’re glad to report that it’s a rough three-quarters of the town’s young people giving the new egg the thumbs up.

Even with some surprised and full-mouthed faces of approval, the eggs have not usurped the old favourites, with pupils still sticking to sausage rolls and pies for their dinner.

“That’s roughly what we thought,” said Greig.

“We made up a batch at the weekend, just to see what demand was like, and it sold out pretty quickly.”

Benjamin added that there were some unbelievers.

“My father, for instance, I showed him. And all he says to me when he sees it is, ‘That’s just wrong!’”

The culinary curiosity will be available – for a limited time – at the Foston’s shops in Duns and Kelso.